Saturday, June 30, 2007

He eats!

I finally got B to eat today! The magic ingredient you ask? Well, it was simple. It just involved hand feeding him and holding his bowl at a comfortable height for him to eat. It waso only half a bowl, but at least it's something! Apparently, his neck sore makes bending over and chewing painful for him. At least that's my best guess. T concers; therefore, I must be right. :)

So I did venture into town today to buy a couple of things, mainly paint (for the ever going bedroom painting project - at least now I have the paint!) and soft dog food. So I managed to hit four stores today and I did not come home with one plastic-ever-present-bag! It's a small milestone for me. I'm not in any way liberal, tree-hugging, hippy or anything like that. However, as my allergies to everything grow, I've tried to reduce chemicals we have in the house and doing that reading started reading about the ever-present plastic bag. And since Harrah is not a recycling mecca, it just makes it easy to not bring them home. No, I don't carry groceries home in my hands. I have a couple of cotton totes that I use and honestly, it's easier. I can put them on my shoulders and it makes hauling stuff around much easier!

So back to B - once I got the soft food home, I went out with him again and he nearly tackled me for the soft food. Apparently, the hard food was irritating to chew. Hopefully this will help him. The bad news is that he's got another sore - this one on his hindquarters. And it's gross! So he's going back to the vet on Monday to do some lab work and figure out what really is the problem. We'll probably sedate him so we can trim his hair and properly clean the sores.

So that is that!

And the grand redecorating of the master bedroom will begin on Wednesday. It has to be finished by Saturday afternoon because we are having people over on Saturday night and the house can't be crazy! The plan is to paint the room top to bottom - ceiling, walls, trim and doors. Then I'll clean the carpets, re-cover the headboard, re-stain and hang the headboard. Curtains won't get made this weekend but they will happen as well. Then I'll reassemble the room in the new configuration.

Projects for another day include building a new entertainment center and dresser storage combo, sewing and hanging curtains, either making or refurb-ing new nightstands, art (possibly homemade if I can't find what I want), new lamps, new bed linens and dust ruffle (sewn by me to match the headboard). And finding and covering a new vanity table in beveled mirrors (reserve judgement until the finish project is unveiled).

Lastly, I finished the matching pair of booties that goes with the baby blanket. So now that I'm fairly comfortable with the pattern, I'm going to start knitting another pair with the most fabulous yarn I bought in Portland. I only bought one little ball of it and it was NOT cheap, but it's so wonderful to the touch and it's a beautiful rainbow of soft tones that are perfect for a little baby but not to babyish. I wouldn't mind my own something made out of it. Since I never knit for myself, if I like it when it's done, I may just order more for something for me! I've been doing some reading online on knitting things, and I think I've found a sweater pattern for myself that I may try doing for myself. It's going to take forever though!! Baby clothes are one thing, I can crank those out quickly. Not so much with adult size clothes with a small knit!

Oh pictures will follow of the booties - I left the usb cable for the camera at my office! HA!

Friday, June 29, 2007

The wait continues....

Well, the vet visit didn't answer a lot of questions. The wound is still gross but actually looks better. And the vet didn't seem too concerned about his not eating. She said that 99% of dogs do better right away with a cortisone shot. However, some dogs (and apparently B falls into this category) don't do well on cortisone.

So he didn't eat again last night and I'm getting ready to go out and get him some soft food and try to get him to eat that. He's now on an oral antibiotic so we don't have to worry about trying to get him with the spray. We give him the meds in cheese but he's not even to happy about eating that. Normally he snaps it right up. If he doesn't eat the soft food, I'm calling the vet back tomorrow. So we'll see.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

B Smith is sick!

This is our little sweetheart B. We've had him for about 6 months and he's done so well since we've had him. However, when I got back from Portland on Sunday, T said he found a bloody spot on his neck. So we took him into the vet on Monday cause it was yucky. Well, he got a cortisone shot and an antibiotic spray (which he hates naturally). And he's not really eating anymore and the wound is GROSS! I cannot emphazise the gross part enough. I won't detail it, cause well - it's gross! Anyway, we are going back to the vet this afternoon. I'm ok with the gross wound, but the not eating REALLY upsets me. IT'S NEVER A GOOD SIGN! And he's such a sweetie. He just wants to be loved. He'd rather a pat on the head over a treat anyday!

Good and Bad News....

First, the good news is that Leslie's baby blanket is finished. I'm extremely happy with it. It's not perfect, but it's my first attempt at a cable. And it also represents about 50 hours of work. So this little blanket has travelled quite a bit and been to lots of places -most recently Branson and Portland. I do want to post pictures but I want Leslie to be surprised. So I won't put any pictures up until after I get back from Halifax in August. However, if you want to see a picture, let me know and I'll send them to you.

The sad news is that Grandma Linnie died yesterday. She is my maternal great-grandmother. She was almost 105 and lived a long, full life. She leaves behind a lot of people who love and miss her, but also a lot of good memories and funny stories. She crocheted a lot of beautiful things and I think of her when I knit.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yes, I know... It's been a while but June's been busy!

I know it's been a while, but I've been on the road travelling quite a bit in the last month. The first weekend of June, Claudia came out for a visit. We had a great time just shopping, goofing off and festering around the house. The next weekend I was in Branson, MO for the Northern and Eastern Districts Meeting. The moutains are beautiful but the actual city of Branson was not really for me. I didn't really have any interest in seeing Yakov or the Dixie Stampede, so I hung out in my condo that was like stepping back into 1985. The few pictures I took will be posted on our website shortly, but the one below is my favorite.

Yep, appears the road is just a slab of granite sticking out the side of a mountain. After driving the road several times, I finally stopped at the observation area that overlooks the valley and turned to see not a whole lot supporting the road I'd been on.

Anyway, the following weekend Dad came up for his 60th birthday and Father's Day. We also went to my MPI Awards Gala (Meeting Professionals International). I'm on the Board and I was nominated for an award. No, I didn't win but we had a good time. I'll get em next year. We did find a new place to eat though! Check it out!

And I just got back from Portland, OR on Sunday for the ADA New Dentist Conference. Yes, I went to learn how to be a dentist. Portland is totally great! The weather was beautiful and they didn't have a sales tax! Thinking about it now, I should have taken more advantage of that. Below is a picture from the International Rose Test Garden. It was unbelievably beautiful only a 10 minute train ride from the city center. Portland is extremely pedistrian friendly and I walked 99% of where I went.

Ok, my final thing is that I'm almost finished with the cable baby blanket for Little Baby Falcone. In fact, I should finish tonight. But I wanted to add a picture of the sweater I finished back in May that I made in one week (yes, one week) for the baby shower. I was quite impressed myself. In fact, the lady that gift wrapped it placed an order! I tried to make it as neutral as possible while still stylish since we don't know if it's a boy or girl. Can't wait to see the baby in it!