Sunday, July 29, 2007

Countdown to Baby Falcone!

I leave for Halifax one week from tomorrow! The baby is due one week from Tuesday, so everyone is excited and ready for the baby to make it's arrival! And yes, I'll post pics as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I have an INSANE week of work ahead of me. I've got a big 2 day meeting coming up at the end of the week, so I'll be on my toes.

Not much going on this weekend. Saturday everything I tried to do was messed up, so I gave up and got back in bed. It just wasn't meant to be on Saturday. Today, we spent cleaning the house. We are not done because we are cleaning, organizing, de-cluttering, etc. as we go along. And I'm cleaning floor to ceiling and everywhere in between. I'm determined to come home to a clean house after my trip. We've got about a third of the house done. And it was the messiest third, so the rest of it should go much better.

I would like to take a moment to sing the praises of Shaklee cleaning products. No harsh chemicals, no dyes or perfumes, and super concentrated to reduce packaging. Oh and the best part, IT CLEANS AMAZINGLY well! So give them a try if you are looking for new cleaner. I'm so happy with the regular cleaner that I'll probably move on to the laundry detergent when we run out.

Ok, time to get some sleep. But on the knitting front, I have 3 things going on. I'm trying to finish a pair of baby booties for family friends. Those pictures are on my computer at work, so I'll upload them tomorrow. But I need to finish the booties before the baby will grow out of them! Then I have two Christmas gifts that I can't exactly talk about - they're gifts! But I will definitely take pictures of the fabulous yarn before I start. One is cotton cashmere and the other is hand-dyed pure silk. JUST AMAZING STUFF! I can't wait to knit it up!

So I'll have pics this week before I hit the road on Monday. I'll be gone 10 days, but I'll post baby pics as soon as I have them! Stay tuned......

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I'll need to give a little back story first. About 2 months ago, the street light in the corner of our front yard went out. So 3 weeks ago, the electric company FINALLY came out to look at it. Well, it turns out there's a problem with the line in the ground. Since it's in our backyard and we have three adorable, loving pups, we'd need to be home when they came to fix it. So they FINALLY called on Thursday and said "we'll be there between 12 and 1", so I take a half day off and race home so that I can bring the dogs in.

I had a whole bag of work I needed to do and I was waiting on 2 important emails. No problem, right? I'll be at home with internet access and can work simply from there. Yes, well.... while digging in our back yard, they cut our cable in the back yard. So I waited around the rest of the afternoon for the cable company who never showed. They came on Friday and fixed it (T had to meet them at home to get into the backyard). So here's the really good news. My beloved husband ran the new cable outlet this morning! So we can put the bedroom back together!!

Now here is the catch - I have to finish the headboard. I finally got the sandpaper and sanded my little heart out on the previously stained molding. Went to put new stain on it and it just rolled right off. So I'll need to strip it. The headboard won't go in this weekend but everything else will! Then I'll put some pictures out there. And that also means that I can get back to knitting.

I've been getting antsy about that. I'm starting my list of 3 Christmas projects. I've ordered all kinds of yarn today and I have the patterns. So I'm just waiting to finish the bedroom and the yarn to arrive. I'll cast on whatever gets here first!!

As soon as I get back from Halifax, I'll be able to finally post pictures of the baby blanket and pics of the baby wrapped up in it with the booties and hat. I CAN'T WAIT!!

We are off to a wedding reception so I need to go get ready. Hasta Manana, amigos!

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Last One to the Party!

There is this amazing knitting website out there - Ravelry. Yeah, the thing is that you have to be invited to join. So I've put my name on the list and all I can do is wait. I'm so jealous that I can't be on the site. The more blogs I read, the more people, well... rave about it!

I signed up on July 14th and since then, 2730 additional people have signed up! They take people one at a time in the order they signed up. Of the 16,000+ people who have signed up, they have only taken 31%. I currently have 10,077 people in front of me. Seriously, I'll be happy if I'm invited before Christmas!


Saturday, July 14, 2007

So Many Projects So Little Time!

Reading knitting blogs is my new obsession. The more I read, the more I find. And I'm not currently knitting anything which is kind of driving me crazy. But I didn't start knitting anything after I finished my last project so that I could work on the bedroom project which is STILL not any farther along than it was last Sunday.

I stopped by Home Depot (my new home apparently) on my way home from work yesterday so that I could get the stuff to finish the headboard. So now, I guess I'll try and finish that up tomorrow and MAYBE tomorrow night we'll get the new cable outlet run. Because I've informed my hubby that as soon as the headboard is done, I'm reloading the room with the new furniture layout. And that means, if the new cable outlet isn't run, there won't be TV in the bedroom. There will be an actual television, but no cable. So, we'll see how long that lasts. He's got all the tools he needs, now just the motivation. But I can't exactly be one to point a finger. At least not until the room is reloaded.

Wish me luck that we are both struck by the motivation fairy while we sleep!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Today is Jamie's birthday! Jamie is my sister's husband and soon to be new daddy. I would post his age, but I don't remember it. I just know he's older than me. HA!


Monday, July 9, 2007

The Aftermath

Ok, the painting is done and so am I. I'm totally out of motivation to finish the rest. And I need to do it. The room looks good but I don't know how I feel about it. Trust me, I'm going to have to live with it. There is no painting in my near future - I assure you!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Yes, on the sloped wall, not only did the paint come off when I took off the tape, it took off the texture all the way to the drywall. So I peeled off the rough edges and at the suggestion of my smarty spouse, I used the spackle to build it back up. So the spackle we have goes on pink and dries to white. Thus the picture is of that and not me having lost my mind and added pink splotches to the wall.

So it's 12:45 am on Day 4 (day 5 technically) and I'm officially done with the painting. It's turned out quite nice. And I managed to paint all the trim without getting any on the carpet. Covering the wood trim was hard and took multiple coats to get it looking nice. It's still not perfect in places but I will definitely touch up with an art brush in the tiny places. We'll see what furniture covers first. HA!

I am completely worn out and wished to be in my own bed tonight but that's not going to happen. Tomorrow on the agenda is recovering the headboard and cleaning the carpets. You can definitely tell where our high traffic areas are and where the dogs spend a lot of time. But for now, here is the new room.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Day 4 and out of steam!

I slept late (surprise) and I'm sore and tired. We got so much done yesterday that I'm just tired. I'm tired of the paper on the floor. Tired of constantly climbing up and down the ladder. Just plain tired! But I'm not done. Oy! I went in to survey what I needed to touch up and I have quite a bit of touching up before I can even start on the trim. But I need to just get going so that I can finish and possibly get our bed set up in the room tonight. Ok, hopefully I'll have some nice pictures tonight. I can't believe I'll be happy to go back to work!

Day 3 Recap

I'm happy to report that the room is almost finished. The ceiling is painted. The walls are painted. The stripe was taped off before the walls were painted, so that's taken care of too. So now all I have to do is some touch up work tomorrow and the trim. Then I can recover the headboard and start cleaning up the room!

I do like the colors and I'm feeling better about it. I'm 99% sure I'll be happy with the finished project. So below are pictures of the progress so far. And you'll notice how the ceiling angles have straightened out because of the way we brought the ceiling color down onto the walls. Right now, I feel like the room is smaller but I'm waiting until we have everything back where it goes to see what I think.

Hopefully I'll have some finished project pictures for tomorrow!

Notice Copper supervising the situation:

Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 3

Well, day 3 has been slightly more productive than day 2. And considering I have a promise to help from my beloved husband, we should be done with the painting this evening. I have the ceiling painted and I don't recommend it if you don't ever have to do it - especially 10 ft ceilings! I'm getting ready to head into town to get my allergy shot then when I get back, I'll tape off the stripe and finish the top of the walls. Then I'll crank out the walls. So hopefully when T gets home, I'll just have a little of the walls left and the trim.

I'm at that point that I can't even think about whether I like it or not. I just want to finish and it is what it is. I want to be back in my bed in my room with the dogs snoring at my feet. Hopefully they'll only have one more night of sleeping outside and we'll be back in the room tomorrow!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day 2 ends...

Ideally, I'd be posting pictures of my half done bedroom. However, that is not the case. Because of my late start, I was actually doing pretty good. My goal was to get the white stripe painted, along with the ceiling. Stripe - done. Ceiling - cut in and I paused at 9:30 pm for my loving husband to take the blades off the ceiling fan. Now, I had set an 11 pm cut off time to my work so that I wasn't up all night again, thus sleeping late tomorrow.

I called him in from the top of my ladder fighting with the ceiling fan blades. He said that he would take them off as soon as he finished the battle he was in. Battle? Yes, that's a battle in his online computer game. No problem - I'll take a 15 minute break and he'll be right in to finish them, right? Um, no.

So at 10:45, he's still glued to his computer, I start cleaning up. I clean up the brushes and close all the paint cans. You'd think he'd notice my unhappy look and that I haven't done anything for the last hour and change, but no, not so much. So as I run my bath water, I ask him if he's going to take the ceiling fan blades down, at least TONIGHT. And he said, I'll do it right now. To which I said, "It doesn't matter when you do it NOW, I'm finished for the night." At which point, he remembered he was supposed to take them down over an hour ago. So they are down and I'll be ready to go first thing in the morning to get the ceiling painted.

Wish me better luck tomorrow!

Remodeling Day 2

Well, so day 2 hasn't been so productive. But I guess I'm getting ready to start full force here shortly - and yes, it's 5 o'clock! I did sleep late but I also had a full day at the vet for annual vaccinations for all dogs and B's checkup. Copper and Rufus have clean bills of health and they are now resting comfortably after a tough night outside "camping". B, on the other hand.... oh poor B!

On a happy note, his sores are looking much better and we are just going to extend his antibiotics for another 5 days just until they are all cleared up. The bad news is that he has heartworms. For those of you without dogs, that is a terminal diagnosis if left untreated. So we will treat it, of course. It's just tough on the dog and tough on our pocket book. It's not an inexpensive thing to do BY ANY MEANS, but we aren't going to just let him die. So we'll probably start his treatment next week. The doc said his heart sounds good and he hasn't shown any symptoms yet, so that's good.

Considering what the checkups and vaccinations for 3 dogs cost, plus the cost of the heartworm treatment to come, I decided not to spend the money on a paint sprayer and I'm just going to suck it up and paint on my own. I'm off to start that right now. Oy!

Possible painters remorse!

I'm never one to second guess a paint choice - not even crayola blue for my bedroom or extremely dark brown for my hallway (in the Baton Rouge house, of course). But ironically, now that I'm older, I find myself dreading all kinds of change. I used to love the idea of throwing some paint on the wall and change things up, but now I'm quite fearful of it not looking good.

Ironically, I haven't even started painting yet, but looking at my barely covered primed "weathered denim," I'm oddly sad that it's gone. I guess since we decorated the room EXACTLY as it had been in Baton Rouge made me have something that feels like home. The only difference is that we had more room in it! So now that I'm changing it, it kind of hits home that we aren't in Louisiana anymore. I know, it's totally a ridiculous thing. WE'VE BEEN HERE A YEAR!

I don't know. Maybe I'm just freaking out because it's not actual paint yet and I'm sore from yesterday and tired and THERE ISN'T EVEN PAINT ON THE WALLS YET! Although I did get to sleep in my old bed last night. That was oddly comforting. And I was so tired that maybe I could have slept on the floor and it would have been ok.

Ok, psychotherapy session over with. The dogs are all going in today for vaccinations and that starts in 30 mintues. We'll be going in shifts. I'll take Copper and Rufus first at 1:30 and then B gets to go at 2:30. Then, I'm going back to Home Depot to buy a paint sprayer. Yes, that was the decision T made last night at 1:30 AM when I was so tired and he was finishing the priming for me. So hopefully I'll have some pictures tonight that actually look decent!!

Proof I've been working!

Ok, this is what I was starting with this morning when I was procrastinating.

So after I finally got off the computer and finished watching the riveting show I was watching, I cleaned the room so I could get a proper Before picture. Here they are!

And this is where we are ending the night. This little update is happening so late because we had multiple hang ups - including me purchasing a paint roller that doesn't fit into the paint bucket!

So tomorrow the actual painting will begin. Go ahead - exhale, that's just the primer! We'll do the actual painting tomorrow. And I would not have even gotten this far if T hadn't taken pitty on me and helped me. He moved most of the furniture (well, after I dismantled it). So maybe I'll have something better to show you tomorrow. At the moment, I'm wondering if it is going to be worth it. I can see the room in my head, but I'm just having some doubt at the moment!
Now it's really time for bed!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Almost ready to start getting ready!

Ok, so I have the room clean now and I'm starting to slowy unload it. But it's not 4 pm and I'm tired and well, I guess I have to just soldier on. But I'm really doing my best to procrastinate!!

A late start...

Happy 4th of July! It's just before lunch time on project day 1 of the great master bedroom redo and I've yet to start. Well, I slept late and then I ate some breakfast and now I'm blogging instead of starting! What can I say? I work better later in the day.

Last night I was going to start cleaning the room so I could take some before pictures but I wasn't feeling well, so I took a nap instead! Nice, huh? Way to get motivated and started, Nicole! I have all my products and I have a plan, now I just have to start. And I really DO have to start, so that I can finish by Saturday afternoon!

Ok, I'm going to start right now.....

Monday, July 2, 2007

Why I LOVE knitting!

I've always loved to make things. But the reason I love knitting is because you take something that starts like this:

And after a couple of hours, it turns into this!

And yes, that's the fabulous yarn from Portland. So hopefully the little bootie socks and cap will be a nice going home outfit for Little Baby Falcone! And until Leslie reads this, she doesn't know that I was doing them or that they're wonderful!

I've got matching purple booties for the blanket too. They aren't nearly as small because they are a thicker yarn but knowing Leslie's feet, I hope any of it fits! HA!

Not sure what the baby is getting next, but I may wait to find out if we have a boy or girl before I do a sweater!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I love it!

I LOVE THIS YARN! It's so soft and so pretty and I want something adult size in it! I have finished one of the booties for the new pair and they are definitely newborn size. I'll add a picture on Monday (when I get to work and get my camera cable). But can I say, I think I'm addicted to reading knitting blogs. Is that insane? And yes, I know I'm quite late to the blogging party. I'm not interested in blogging non-stop, although I seem to be doing it lately. I do love seeing what others are knitting and getting new ideas. It also gives me the courage to venture away from a pattern and do what my instincts tell me. It makes me feel normal when I truly mess something up and don't want to rip it out and start over!

So while I'm no knitting champion, I love it more and more every day! Time for bed now!

P.S. We got B to eat dinner! WOO HOO!