Friday, August 31, 2007

This is the end.... of August

It's been quite a month. It really has. As a family, we've seen the complete joy of birth and the utter devastation of death. I have slept in an airport, resulting in blanket theivery. T has travelled to another country he hadn't been before. We have kicked off a football season (no pun intended). We have ended the summer and started the fall. We have celebrated birthdays - Cameron, Navarre, Little Frankie, Hannah, Bryan, Aunt Diane (sorry if I missed someone) and anniversaries (Leslie & Jamie).

I've managed to stay employed, relatively sane and extremely grateful for what I have. And it's also encouraged me to do better (thus the kick to be clean and organzied all the time, not just when people are coming over).

The temperature will drop (it's only in the 80's today here!) and the leaves will turn. The holidays will approach and I'll be able to visit family again. In the meantime, there's football to watch (hooray), meals to cook (T says hooray) and rooms to clean (guests say hooray).

I hope everyone had a happy and safe summer. Let's raise our beverage of choice (diet coke for me) in toast of the year that has passed so far and what is left still to unfold.


1 down, 11 to go

Game one, win one! You can check out the complete recap here if you didn't get a chance to see the game. We did manage to get the house cleaned and food prepared by the time everyone got there. And my banana pudding came out very pretty for being thrown together at the last minute. I wish I would have taken a picture.

But get this, not only did we clean the kitchen, WE PUT ALL THE CLEAN DISHES AWAY!! It's a new day in the Smith house. It's the dawn of a new era - a clean and organized era.

Yes, yes... I know you'll only believe it when you see it. But I'm staying positive here. I'll be making more homemade oreos tonight and we leave for Benton tomorrow.

So Happy Labor Day!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Riddle Me This

Can someone tell me why I procrastinate? I know that I have 10 people coming to my house tomorrow. I KNOW THIS! It's not going to change. But for some reason, I haven't even STARTED cleaning the house. And yes, it's 10:30 PM! So why do I do this? Do I enjoy torturing myself?

Obviously, I do.

Mrs. Smith's Oreo Cookies

No, it's not a name brand. "Mrs. Smith's" is anything that comes out of my kitchen. But having received a little inspiration here and here, I decided that I needed to have them too. And in honor of Cleve and his love of homebaked goods, I cooked in sadness as I tried this new recipe.

I managed to get my cookies to stay flat, unlike a lot of problems that people have had with the recipe. And it appears that anyone who mentions food on their blog has to have a picture of stacked cookies. So here is mine (Claudia, thank you for your photoshop work.)

So once I figured out the size they needed to be to make appropriate sized cookies, I was on a roll. The first batch out of the oven made cookies appropriate for giants. But I was on a roll and they cooled quickly. So I whipped up the middle and put them together. I was actually quite proud to share them with friends and family. I'd just like to make a note. These are to be enjoyed with REGULAR milk. Soy milk is NOT a good substitute. That's just a little FYI - please learn from my mistake.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An Impromtu Trip

We just got back from Baton Rouge after an impromtu trip. Unfortunately, it was not a joyous occassion. My cousin Cleve passed away on Friday, August 24th and we went home for the funeral. Cleve was 32 and not only a son and brother but a husband and father to 8 month old Caden. We are all still in shock and mourning. We love and miss him.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A little mood music

ok, as soon as I figure out how to put music on here, I'll have it play "pregame" when you click on the picture. But I loathe computer programming and I'm not in the mood to write the code to make that happen. So for the time being, let's just hum to ourselves "dah dah dah DAH.... dah dah dah DAH....."

Summertime Beauty

None of these flowers are from my garden, but they are all my original photographs. The top 2 are roses from the International Test Rose Garden in Portland, OR. The bottom 3 are dahlias from Public Gardens in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

No water here!

You may have seen all the rain and flooding going on in Oklahoma on the news, but don't worry. It's not us. It's mostly to the north and northeast of us. So while it did rain a ton last night and the water is high in the creeks and there are some pastures flooded, we do not need to be rescused from our car as it's going under water.

After 15 months, we finally found the video store here in Harrah. So I spent the weekend renting movies. We got Casino Royale (excellent), The Devil Wears Prada (very good), The Queen (excellent - Helen Mirren deserved the Oscar) and Hot Fuzz (insanely hilarious). When T asked me to rent Hot Fuzz, I thought it was going to be something totally stupid, and it is. But it has a plot and great acting and it really is absurdly funny. I would actually see it again (but we've already returned the movie, so I can't).

So that's it here. Not a whole lot to report. We are both just trying to catch up with work after the vacation. Talked to Leslie and they were doing fine. Navarre is now sleeping in her bassinet next to the bed. WOO HOO! Although, Leslie did admit that she misses the night shift worker she had (that would be me).

That's about it. We are planning on going to Benton to see the Smith's for Labor Day weekend. That will be good since I haven't seen them since Easter and haven't seen Mr. Andy since his heart surgery. And Labor Day Weekend also means something else - THE START OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!

In fact, only 11 days until kickoff! Yes, LSU vs Mississippi State is the first college football game of the year on Thursday, August 30th! We can't wait!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Baby Pics Galore

Ok, well, you may remember the following knitted bootie and hat ensemble that I did back in July.
Here is the ensemble in action!

Now, here's what you've been waiting for - baby pics galore!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Greetings from Nova Scotia!

Yes, I did finally make it here. But my fun story doesn't end with me stuck in the airport. Oh of course it doesn't. Of course, there was no luggage when I arrived. I guess the 24 hours the crew in Chicago had to reload my bag wasn't long enough. So I had to wait until Wednesday night to get it. After many phone calls and one hellacious rain storm (in which we drove to get the bag, of course), I finally got my suitcase and I was able to wear something other than my blue jeans and pink t-shirt. That was nice.

So the baby is wonderful! She's your typical 7 day old - eat, sleep, poo, cry (not necessarily in that order though) She is SO TINY! She's just over 6 lbs now and can fit in two hands. And of course all the clothes everyone brought are a little big, so I spent yesterday knitting her a teeny, tiny baby shrug. She's going to try it on later tonight, so hopefully I'll have some pictures to add. Leslie and I are trying to figure out when we can see each other again, because I'm not going to be able to wait a year. She's just too precious. And she'll be so big and I'll have missed so much!

Hopefully at Christmas time, we'll be able to work it out. But for now, here are some pictures that Jamie took at the hospital right after she was born.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Life in the airport

Have you ever seen the movie The Terminal? It's Tom Hanks stuck in the international terminal of an airport. I kind of feel like that. So I finished with the customer service line from hell at about midnight. I got in the line at 8pm. Because I was in the line so long, I was not able to eat dinner before all the food places closed. So I had a pack of m&m's from the newstand that was still open. During the day, full of people, O'Hare barely manages to keep up with the heat of summer. I spent most of yesterday sweating while waiting for my flight that never happened. I do, however, always travel with a sweater, JUST IN CASE.

After I checked work email, did a little work that was supposed to happen earlier in the day and called home, I tried to settle in the for the night. I asked for a blanket and pillow but was told there weren't any to be had. However, people all around me had them. I put on my sweater and tried to get comfortable on the floor. I happened to be sitting under a television that I never noticed the sound of until everyone fell asleep but me. The floor had this unbelievable draft, so I was shivering. I tried to curl up on the 2 person seat for a while. Using my hardcase laptop bag as a pillow, I didn't sleep very long and I'm sure I only fell asleep out of pure exhaustion. About 3 am, I woke up. I sat up to change positions when I spied a man sleeping 2 rows of seats over. He was given A PILLOW AND A BLANKET but wasn't using his blanket. And he was asleep. All's fair in love and airport delays, so I took his blanket while he was sleeping. Deciding I was took close to the scene of the crime AND the televsion, I started looking for another place to sleep.

While roaming around, I noticed the newstand was still open. God bless Hudson News! So I see that they have the travel neck pillows. And it didn't matter the cost, the travel neck pillow is always going to be softer than the laptop bag. So now armed with a neck pillow AND a blanket, I am able to find 4 seats together with no arms in the way. I position all my stuff so that the straps are wrapped around me (in case someone tries to steal them), wrap up my blanket and lay down with my neck pillow.

I am able to fall asleep but I dream of being stuck in an airport. Ironic, huh? About 6:45 am, people start showing up for the flight that's supposed to depart from the gate I'm sleeping at, so I get up and stumble around like I've been sleeping on an airport bench all night - oh wait....that's what I did.

I find my new gate, get some coffee and a muffin and here I am. Waiting for my 1:45 pm DIRECT flight to Halifax. Maybe I'll get there today - but I'm not counting on it.

Oh by the way, Happy Anniversary to Leslie and Jamie. It's 3 years today.

And if at all possible, I will NEVER fly United Airlines again - especially through O'Hare. Aside from one person, I have been treated very well, but it's their corporate policy that's kept me here at the airport. And it's a debate of mechanical vs weather delays. I'm not sure how you can debate that, but apparently if there is one drop of rain in the atmosphere, it becomes a weather delay for which they are not liable.

I'm ranting.... time to find a Diet Coke!
I'm so tired, I can't even manage a title. I'm stuck in the O'Hare airport. I won't go into it. But basically, by the time I leave, I'll have been in this particular airport for 24 hours and all airports in general for close to 30. So I'm not in Halifax loving on my sweet, little niece. I'm sitting in the corner of an aiport listening to incesant beeping of the stupid handicap cart. Maybe I'll be there eventually.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Here she is.... little Navarre Nicole Falcone. She has her mother's eyes, her Aunt Nicole's hair and her dad's patience.

Daddy and baby

The Falcones - Leslie, Navarre and Jamie

Saturday, August 4, 2007


She arrived on her own schedule, much like her mother. Navarre Nicole Falcone was born on Friday, August 3, 2007, weighing in at 6lb 5 oz. Mother and baby are doing fine. As soon as I have some pictures, you know I'll be posing them!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Well, the phone started ringing at midnight and I was sound asleep. In fact, I was so asleep, Leslie had to call like 4 times and then once on each cell phone. T was running around the house trying to call back the number but it was the calling card number and it wouldn't go through. He was getting worried and frantic thinking something was wrong and was really getting mad at me cause I just kept mumbling, "It's Leslie. She's probably having the baby. Let's go back to sleep." It's much more funny when you listen to him tell it.

So I finally wake up enough to call her and it goes to voicemail. But 5 minutes later (almost asleep again), she calls back. Her water had broken and she was at the hospital walking around. We talked a minute, laughed about T running around the house like a crazy person and then I went back to sleep. I called about 2 this afternoon to check on her and they were back at home waiting for contractions to become regular and closer together.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day. If this baby is ANYTHING like Leslie, it will do the complete opposite of what everyone wants. :)

I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007