Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve!

Just wanted to wish everyone a fun and safe night tonight! I'll be at home designing a new header. No, it won't be "November 2008" forever in this blogosphere! And I know by saying this, I've made 2 holiday wishes come true.

I may even eventually post about our trip. Maybe... stayed tuned.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Saved from the clutches of Alabama...

Yesterday, I wrote that Southwest had no idea where my suitcase was - the black suitcase with the yellow ribbon on it and TWO luggage tags. I was starting to fear that if I hadn't heard anything today that my bag and all of its contents would wind up in Alabama. I was making a partial list of contents, but I just honestly couldn't remember everything in it.

I'd think I had it all and WHAM!, I'd remember something else. Honestly, none of it was very valuable. There was no jewelry or pictures. But it was MY STUFF... it was my pajama pants that I've worn almost non-stop since I got pregnant. They are old and I'm sure not real pretty to look at, but they are priceless to me. I'm sure they were originally $9.99 from Target. But now after years of wear, PRICELESS!

Last night while talking to T on my cell phone, I had another call. I recognized the number and practically hung up on him. It was Southwest calling. Not only did they know where my bag was, IT WAS IN OKLAHOMA CITY! I let out a "WOO HOO!" It was going to be delivered that evening.

Around 9:30, I was tired and called it a night. T was going to stay up and wait for the bag. As I was getting dressed for bed, my cell phone rang again. It was Southwest again now giving me a time frame for delivery, 11 pm - 3 am. After talking over several delivery options, I said to just deliver it and I'd leave a note on the door.

Even though we live in Hooterville, I still didn't want my suitcase sitting by my front door all night. In the note, I said to please knock thinking we'd hear it. Or maybe the dogs would hear and wake us up. Yeah, not so much on the dog front. I'm not sure they woke up at all until the alarm went off this morning. My luck, I'd get the long lost bag back and it would be taken from my doorstep.... where it is no longer the responsibility of the airline and now I have no recourse because I left a note on the door.

So needless to say, I didn't sleep well. I kept waking T up every 30 minutes to ask him to check for the bag. I don't remember this, but he says I did. I know I didn't sleep well, so I'd believe it. I do know that at 3:35, I woke up and asked him to go check. NO BAG! Since there wasn't anything I could do about it then, I went back to sleep. When the alarm went off at 6:30, T went to check and there it was!

He rolled our suitcase into the bedroom. It was in one piece, properly labeled with both luggage tags AND the airline tag. But it has returned home to us and now we are complete again.... our family of 2 parents, 1 baby on the way, 2 dogs and 3 suitcases is once again whole.

Monday, December 29, 2008

And a Happy New Year to you....

We have made it home after our tour of the southern US and Mexico. However, only 2 of our 3 suitcases made it home. So Southwest calls me today to tell me that they are still looking but they don't know where it is. It only had all of our hang up nice clothes, my make up, T's dress shoes (2 pair) and my blow dryer and my flat iron!

We can buy new clothes. I can buy new make up. Heck, I can get a better flat iron. But really? Two of T's suits! I'm just frustrated... And I feel like I'm just looking for something to complain about at this point, but to not even know where it is? How is that possible?

So I'm trying to start compiling my list of clothes that were in there now. Cause if this goes any longer, I just simply may not remember.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The stuff they don't tell you...


Ok, so I know this is rare, but I'm posting twice in one day. You know, when you get pregnant, you know the basic stuff but you don't get told some of the other stuff. Apparently this is just - if you knew, you'd think twice about it.

I haven't talked a lot about being sick, but I have been. I thought I was getting better after the hell that was the week of Thanksgiving. In fact, I was determined to be positive and just soldier through this part. And things were going well, until yesterday.

No one likes to throw up. And I'm lucky that it's been limited to the confines of my house. Sunday started ok, but when it came time for lunch, the thought of eating food wasn't appealing (never a good sign). I ate anyway because I have to and immediately knew I should have just eaten toast.

I laid on the sofa waiting for the feeling to pass. I wound up falling asleep and that normally helps. When I woke up I was ok. Not necessarily great, but I didn't feel the need to jump up and run into the bathroom. Around dinner time, I decided to just have soup.

I had to go back to lying down, immediately. The feeling progressively got worse. I'm not sure why I fight it at this point, but I still do. I took a bath and got in bed. About 10 minutes after getting in bed, I knew I couldn't fight it anymore and I spent 15 minutes reliving my dinner AND my lunch... oh and all the Tums I'd eaten in between.

I won't get completely graphic but let's just say it was bad. Skip ahead to 10 minutes ago when I pulled out a mirror to look at something I thought was in my eye. I noticed it looked like I had a rash around both of my eyes and then it hit me.

Leslie had mentioned it a while back as we compared our sick stories. Apparently, I'd given myself two black eyes by popping the blood vessels around my eyes from the force of getting sick. So I emailed her to tell her and this was her response.

"And now I will officially welcome you to pregnancy, but instead of some nice welcome gift, you get black eyes, permanent throw up taste in your mouth, an absent mind and countless wonderful other things that will last for a while. But, your welcome gift won't last and at the end you'll have a beautiful baby with no sleep."

At least from far away they look like lots and lots of freckles... not really, but that's what I'm telling myself.

The apple doesn't fall far..

T and I went to the doctor this morning. We were hoping to find out if it's a boy or girl, but it's a little too soon. We'll find out for sure next month. But we did get to see a lot.

I ate some fruit this morning for breakfast hoping the sugars would get him moving around, and boy did they! He was kicking and tossing and turning. He was putting his hand to his mouth at times that looked like he was sucking his thumb. And other times he was kind of waving one finger in the air. The doctor said "oh he's waving at you!"

We both laughed and at the same time said "nah.. he's probably flipping us off!" His little feet practically never stopped moving, so we think this is part of the reason that I'm having so many bladder issues. He's using it as a soccer ball.

And I guess I should add the disclaimer that we say "he" because I've just always thought it's a boy. We are very open to either a boy or a girl. Our request is simply a healthy baby. Once I get a picture of the ultrasound, I'll post it too. Scans don't work so well.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It went where?

For the last 13 of 15 weeks, I have struggled with indigestion and reflux. These are two things I've never in my life had a problem with, so it's required a bit of an adjustment. Now that I know I must eat Tums like candy, it has gotten better.

Yesterday morning, T and I were lying in bed and my stomach growled. That in and of itself is rare. Usually if I let myself get hungry, I'm naseous and it's hard to make myself eat at that point. But having just woken up, my stomach growled. But imagine my surprise as it continued to growl and I could feel where my stomach has actually moved to.

Oh yes, it's moved! My stomach is now right in the middle of my body but it's right underneath my sternum. So I guess that explains some of my reflux - my stomach is practically IN MY THROAT!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's only temporary.... I hope!

Apparently this thing called "pregnancy brain" is real. I couldn't find my butt with both hands right now if I wanted to.

I had to ask T what our telephone number was last night.

I lost my cell phone in my purse.

I can't retain anything I read.

I forget what I'm doing in mid-action or even worse, forget what I'm saying in mid-thought.

I'm doing things twice at work because I've forgotten I've already done them.

Oh maybe the most obivous to the readers of this blog, apparently it's still November 2008 in Smithland (at least that's what the header says). Might be helpful if I remember to change that. That my friends is on the short list for tonight.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let It Snow!

So today we had our first wintry weather. We had freezing rain earlier in the day and lucky us, we had snowfall for the drive home. Now, none of this really amounted to actual accumulation, but it was enough to make people lose their minds. When I went to lunch, my drivers side door was covered in ice. Thinking I was super smart, I backed into my parking place when I got back so that the drivers side wasn't facing north and it wouldn't be covered in ice when I left work.

Well, lo and behold, that worked. The passenger side was covered in ice and the drivers side was clean. It had little specs on it, but not much. What the drivers door had on it, was the most awesome thing. It was a snowflake. But it wasn't any ordinary snowflake. It was one of those perfect snowflakes that looks like exactly like the snowflakes you see on wrapping paper and those cut-out snowflakes you did as a kid.

I tried to take a picture of it with my cell phone, but since it was the size of a large pin head, it didn't quite work. It was beautiful though.

So back to the windows. Backstory: last winter my driver's window froze shut and since I tried to open it anyway, it really messed up the motor. Present day: I had to go to the bank on my way home. I thought since there was no ice on my window it was fine. When I got to the bank, the window was frozen shut! So much for outsmarting Mother Nature!