Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

She had me until....

As I've said previously, I've been reading a lot. And today, while perusing a message board, I found a link to a website that will predict your delivery experience. I know it's meant in total fun, but she had me going... to a point....

"Madame Zaritska, using her mystical powers, has the following prediction:

The day you deliver, outside will be warm. Your baby will arrive in the mid morning. After a labor lasting approximately 17 hours, your child, a girl, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 15 pounds, 12 ounces, and will be 16-1/2 inches long. This child will have light blue eyes and a little patch of blonde hair. "

Well, I'm due in June, so yes it will be warm. I'm even good with the blue eyes and blonde hair. However, I know this child has legs for days, so I'm going to guess the 15 lbs and 16 inches long isn't quite right. Let's hope anyway!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Always a Student

The beginning of the week brought some changes and realizations in the Smith household.  Do you realize that in 4 months, we'll have a baby?  HOLY COW!  I know I'm pregnant, but that means A BABY!  You'd think we'd realize this, and maybe T has.  But there have been so many other things on my mind for the first 5 months, like say keeping food down or the horrible pains in my side.  

So on Monday, we went to visit a daycare option.  When I found out I was pregnant, I called and stopped in a couple of places and got on lists right away but really didn't do a lot of research.  I was just happy to be on a list and frankly, overwhelmed by being pregnant.  

But while checking out a daycare option, it's not just about the facility.  I'm supposed to ask questions.  Really?  Questions?  What kind of questions?  I know there are Mom's reading this and just laughing at me.  And that's ok.

I've been reading since Monday - lots of reading.  And honestly, experiences like the tornadoes yesterday are put in a new perspective while considering a baby.  What is the emergency storm policy?  Tucking your head between your legs and kissing your ass goodbye just isn't an option with my kid.  I'd like it to be a little more thought out than that.

I'll admit that I have not done a lot of reading about being pregnant cause frankly those books freak me out.  It's 10,000 pages of all the stuff that goes wrong and a paragraph intro about good stuff.  If I am uncomfortable or worried about an odd feeling, I ask someone.   

But I guess it's time to start reading about parenting.... 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reference Pictures

My office is right near where the map says "Oklahoma City" with the capital city map notation for a reference on the larger map. Click on the pictures to make them larger and more clear.

All clear by here

Just wanted to let everyone know that the tornadoes in the Oklahoma City metro area are not near us and to this point (3:05 pm) have not affected us. If this is the start of tornado season, it's very early! I hope it's not as bad as last year.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Puppy Love

I had to stop and buy another bag of dog food on my way home from work on Thursday.  As I walked into the pet store, there was a couple outside talking with some people and showing off their new puppy.  It was a tiny puppy - a blood hound.  You could look at his face and see the old hound he'd eventually become, but at that moment, he was just a tiny puppy with a big, funny looking face.

It made me think about my dogs.  I never had the chance to know any of them as puppies.  Copper was the closest I had to a puppy.  She was a year old when I got her.  Rufus, well, he was by far an old man.  We guessed his age around 8 or 10.  B was 3.  In many ways, Rufus and B were like overgrown puppies.  They didn't have the socialization that comes with older dogs.  Copper, well.... let's just say Copper came with her own set of challenges.

So it made me wonder what my dogs were like as puppies.  I'm sure B was a big ball of black fur.  You probably couldn't see his face.  You barely can now.  Rufus was probably one big blur of drool that didn't slow down long enough to let you wipe his face.  And I'm sure Copper was just as pushy and controlling as she is now.

None of my dogs are perfect.  FAR FROM IT!  But they are certainly perfect for us.  And if they hadn't lived their lives, they wouldn't be the dogs they are now.  So I don't necessarily wish I had them from the start, but having a picture of their cute puppy faces wouldn't be a bad thing.

My dogs may not be properly trained, well behaved or even neatly groomed, but they certainly are cute.  They have to have something going for them, right?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Vince is my hero

Are we the only ones who love the ShamWOW! ?  Well, we don't actually own one, but we've been amazed by the commercial many times.  I can't believe we've passed up the deal.

All I can say is Sham..WOW!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sugar Sunday

I think I'm in a diabetic coma.  I made the three layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  And because I think it needed more sweetness, I added pineapple to the cake.  Well, it rocks.  But apparently my piece was too big.

With only 5 minutes left to go in the game, I'm hoping that I'll be able to stay conscious long enough to see the end of the game!

Super Sunday

I made a full breakfast this morning.  You know, the works - eggs, grits, bacon, biscuits.  But I'll confess that I didn't make the biscuits from scratch like normal.  I was given this box of South Carolina foods - grits, cornbread mix, and biscuit mix.  Well, we've already eaten the grits.  So I figured I'd try out the biscuit mix this morning.

Well, let's just say, we aren't crazy about this mix.  The mix worked fine.  They rolled out fine.  Even cooked just fine.  The issue was the "butter flakes" in the mix.  I didn't realize they were in the mix until I was mixing it up.  It smelled funny to me, but frankly EVERYTHING smells funny to me.  They looked fine but I took one bite and they tasted like they smelled.  T ate them, but later admitted they tasted funny.

Now, if you normally buy packaged biscuits with butter in them, I'm sure you'd think these were awesome.  But since I haven't bought anything with flakes of anything in it since I found out that I was allergic to everything, well, these just didn't taste right.

The real problem is that the house smells like those stupid biscuits.  So in an effort to get the smell out of the house, I am actually going to make the carrot cake that I've been wanting to (but been to lazy to) make for the last 2 weeks.  And that makes this a SUPER Sunday... not that other thing I'm sure you thought I was referring to.

I'm now motivated by smells, not desire or want.  Can someone tell me if I will ever be able to walk into a room and not smell everything that's ever happened there before?