Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vince, say it aint so...

The Blizzard of 2009

Yes, it's March (almost April) and yes, it was 80+ degrees here not long ago, but the metro has been a flutter for a week now talking about the impending blizzard of 2009. It was forecasted to roll in yesterday after 5 pm, with the snow supposedly starting after 10 pm. There was a snow total in the 6" range forecasted for the eastern side of the metro (that's us).

I use the word forecasted because as we know, sometimes the weather man is wrong! I went to bed at 10pm with no rain, sleet or anything at our house, although there was sleet/snow in the western parts of the metro. We woke up this morning thinking we'd see a blanket of white. Um... not so much.

T left for work, joking about our blizzard. He called when he got to the casino (5 miles away, mind you) and apparently it WAS snowing there, but there wasn't any accumulation. So I opened the blinds just to have the light in the house. And then all of a sudden, like we live on a movie set, massive amounts of snow start blowing in from the west. It literally looks like someone had a pile of fake snow and had a fan machine on - completely wild!

So I don't think we're going to have 6" of snow, but it's been blowing in sideways and heavy for the last 20 minutes. So I guess we'll see what happens.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Tale of Two Afternoons

It was the best of days; it was the worst of days. Ok, not really the worst, but I'm working with a theme here.

Tuesday was a glorious day! The weather here was wonderful - the sky blue, the temperature warm, the humidity low, the wind only slightly breezy. It was the kind of day that reminded me of sleeping in the Quad on a patch of clover. It was the kind of day that gives you Spring Fever if you're still allowed to have it as an adult. Since it was St. Patrick's Day, it probably didn't hurt talking about old memories of years past. I felt great! I was singing with the radio. It was just a good day.

Wednesday the weather was fine. Pretty much the same as Tuesday but maybe a tad cooler. The difference? ME! I had a headache. My body was swollen, making my skin hurt. I was sluggish and tired. Just a completely different day in terms of how I felt. So after talking to the nurse to make sure some of my symptoms were normal, I just went home early and fell asleep with Golden Girls on the television.

It just boggled my mind how I could feel so differently two days in a row. Today I'm feeling ok. Not Tuesday-like quite yet, but better than yesterday. I guess tonight and the rest of the week will bring rest... plenty of rest.

Monday, March 16, 2009


It took me a while, but I finally found someone in Oklahoma who can give me a good haircut! It's exactly what I wanted, so woot!

LSU is in the NCAA tournament but didn't exactly draw the best seed. Let's just say they played their way into their spot. Had they won the games they should have won down the stretch, it might be something entirely different. But for a first year coach, I think they've had an outstanding season. And you never know, they could make a run and upset UNC if they make it past Butler in the first round. Just my two cents... which is worth probably less than that. =)

And yes, I've finally done some housework. I know T's happy to see it. It was also done without the impending visit of house guests. Just me wanting the house clean....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I'm hard at work today listening to the LSU basketball game online. Every time LSU scores, the baby kicks me. Apparently, she approves!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So Friday, I'm bitching cause it's 88 degrees outside and our AC isn't working. The AC is now fixed, but TODAY IT'S SNOWING!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So this past weekend, we had more refrigerator troubles. If you've read along here for a while, I'm sure I've vented about our stupid refrigerator at some point before. I know you know if you've asked me about it in person and I'm sure it was a expletive filled diatribe.

This morning I read that Maytag is recalling 1.6 million refrigerators. WOOT! The answer to our prayers - our overpriced refrigerator is being recalled!


Out of the 1.6 million refrigerators, our model is not included. Even though it is a large piece of junk and if you google the model online you'll find pages and pages and pages of people ranting out what a piece of junk it is!

I believe this is what T calls "Smith luck".

Monday, March 2, 2009


This past weekend was one full of action at the Smith house. Two weeks ago, I started cleaning out the closet in the nursery. It's the middle bedroom that no one seems to remember that we have. Probably because we always kept it full of crap with the door closed, but I digress.

At first, I was taking my time going through all the boxes really carefully. Reading each note, each scrap of paper that I've held on to. As I started trying to make room in the front bedroom closet for some of this stuff, it became apparent I was going to have to clean out that closet too since it was already full of junk (lest not we forget my obsession with keeping "good" boxes). So in the course of that first weekend, I made things LOOK much worse than they had to start with.

The following weekend, I didn't do anything. I stepped over the stuff as I passed through the hall. Yes, I spilled out from the two rooms into the hall. But this past weekend, it had to be finished. I was tired before I started but determined.

Because I had sorted most of the stuff in the nursery closet, it was now condensed down to one keepsake bin and photos - lots and lots of photos. Now it was time to tackle the front bedroom closet. I tossed stuff with an ease that I hadn't had the previous cleaning attempt. A lot of times I asked myself "why did this even get saved?" then I remembered that packing to move consisted of friends and family throwing everything in the house into boxes and into a POD. I believe I even opened a box of trash when we first moved in. Apparently it all looks the same if it's not your stuff, right?

I condensed two large closets to half of one closet - the other half is left empty for guests to hang clothes (novel idea, huh?), with our luggage on the bottom. But the house still looked like a disaster. So we started hauling out the trash and the stuff to be taken to Goodwill. And instantly, we had two rooms again (and an empty hallway).

The only downside to this is now it's very apparent that the rest of the house needs to be decluttered too. It's something I knew, but once you made a dent, it just looks funny until it's finished. That won't even be thought about beginning for another two weeks though. This coming weekend brings house guests and paint for the nursery! WOOT!