Monday, August 31, 2009

The First First

This isn't exactly the FIRST first, but it's one of those developmental milestones that parents like to remember.  Tonight after we dressed Caroline in her jammies, we got down on the floor for a little tummy time.  She was in a good mood, so I figured it would go well.

She immediately rolled over on her back.  And she rolled with such speed and force that she startled herself and starting crying.  I was so excited and she was so upset.  We promptly ended tummy time, but I can't wait to try again tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Losing My Religion

One thing I've always been very adamant about is professional hair care. I'll eat government cheese before I do my own hair at home. And at times, I've come close to that. Although I've never qualified for the government cheese program, but you get the point.

Well, let's just say that you get spoiled when one person does your hair for over a decade! She knows what you want even when you don't articulate it very well. And given how professional she was, you didn't deal with gum smacking and phone talking and general nonsense. When I went home last month, I tried to make an appointment, but she had the gall to be on vacation!

When we moved, I found someone to do my hair. While I don't get it cut regularly, I do color it like clockwork, every 5 weeks because of my gray hair. So I found someone who I was happy with how she colored my hair. She never really cut it well though. And I watched her give many people mullets, so I avoided her cutting it at all cost. This resulted in long, blah hair for me. Then things got weird and she and her girlfriend started semi-stalking me. So I had to bolt from that situation.

I tried someone else and while she could cut my hair, I wasn't happy with the color or the salon environment. I went to her a couple of times thinking that it would work out and I'd be happy with it. Nope. She asked me if I'd had the baby when I was 8 months pregnant and had a huge belly. I took it in stride, but that combined with her starting to call me at home made me say no to that situation as well! What is with me and stalking hair people?

By the time I had the baby, it was time for a new color but it was totally not a priority. Three weeks after I'd had the baby, I brushed my hair and almost passed out. I had over 3 inches of roots. That wasn't even the horrible part. The horrible part about it was that the roots were WHITE! My hair up front is solid gray! So I bought a box color to just match my base color and I'll worry about highlights later.

The box color was good, just a little dark for me personally without highlights. But with a 3 week old, who cares? Right? It worked for $5! Well, 2 weeks later, the stubborn gray around the front of my face was peeking out. So I bought another box. This time, I thought I'd try one shade lighter and a slightly warmer color. Well, I sort of had an orange halo around my face where it covered gray.

Once again, not happy with the color but the gray was covered. And at least I'm not spending $100+ and 4 hours at a salon to be unsatisfied with my color, right? This weekend, I went in search of another color.... trying to go lighter but be less orange. Now, for the record, I'm not trying to go 10 shades lighter than my natural color. That will definitely give you orange hair. I'm talking ONE shade lighter... which the box says you can do....

Anyway, I found a kit that had an all over color and stuff for highlights in a coordinating color. SCORE! I did the all over color on Monday night. I am happy with the color. It is not orange. But I definitely need highlights to give my hair some dimension and not look so flat. Last night I did the highlights. You paint the stuff on on the pieces where you want it.

I did that. It looks like crap. Luckily it's so subtle that you can't tell I did it. Except for one place above my ear that came out REALLY blonde at the roots but nowhere else... luckily it's not the top layer of my hair. And it's near a stubborn gray spot... so it will be white in 2 weeks anyway.

Total cost of all these hair experiments - $24. I'm still WAY ahead of the money game vs. a professional and with the same results I was getting from them. Can anyone recommend a fabulous color person in the state of Oklahoma? I'll travel to the panhandle if I can get good results with the person not stalking me afterwards!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Pictures

I've got new pictures uploaded. Click HERE. The ones where she is lying down, she is looking at herself in a mirror. In the other group, she is mimicking the faces I'm making.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Random Round-Up

Can you believe I'm to the end of my third week back at work? I can't. Our checking account can. Daycare is EXPENSIVE!

The Doodle is really starting to get big. Yesterday morning I was trying to slowly get her dressed since she was still asleep and her shirt wouldn't easily slide over her head like her clothes normally do. Once I got it over her melon-head, I realized it was a Newborn size. Since she's almost 3 months old, I guess it makes sense that it's starting to be too small. It fits her body well still, so we'll try to get one more wearing out of it until it's put in the back of the drawer.

CupcakeFest '09 has been going on this week. Stephanie's birthday was yesterday and I found the perfect recipe for her cake. But I didn't want to make a cake. So I turned the recipe into cupcakes with the original and an alternative frosting. They were a big hit and I had frosting for dinner on Wednesday night. Last night I found another great recipe to try and this time it is even in cupcake form!

Our LSU football season tickets arrived on Tuesday and left on Wednesday. We sold to the same guy again this year. I hope he enjoys them as much as we miss not being able to be there. They seem to have found a good home. It's all you can ask for (well, besides money, which he gave us).

We've been so busy with all things baby that we haven't watched one single snap of football yet this year. I'm disgusted with myself about that. I plan to remedy that this weekend!

Last weekend we were in Dallas for a tiny bit of shopping and a lot of family visiting. It was a good weekend (minus the drive - stupid construction!) but it didn't really allow me to catch up on rest like the previous weekend did. This week I was late to work the first three days. Wednesday was so backwards that T was the positive, optimistic one in the family!

The house is a DISASTER right now. So we'll be strapping Caroline into the moby this weekend while Mommy tries to get some stuff cleaned up! Luckily all the laundry is washed, just not put away. We have this traffic jam of baskets in the bedroom with clean laundry in them. Apparently, I have a lot of laundry baskets. I'm sure no one is surprised.

Normally when I get home from work, the first thing I do is start a laundry load of diapers (yes we cloth diaper and no it's not difficult or a big deal) and clean out her diaper bag. I then wash bottles and get the bag ready to go for the next day. Well, last night I did none of that because I THOUGHT IT WAS FRIDAY! So at 9:30 last night, when we wanted to go to bed, I realized that I had to get stuff ready. UGH!

The weather has been noticeably cooler this week. And since I'm typing this, I'm sure we'll be back into the 90's real soon. But with the break in temperature comes the realization that Fall is right around the corner. Can you believe it? Where did this summer go?

And finally, I'm so tired of Brett Favre that I refuse to watch him this year. In fact, I hope this backfires on Minnesota BIG TIME. My prediction - he retires at the end of the season because he doesn't want to do any off-season anything. And then he'll be back the following August. (eye roll)

Oh and really finally this time.... we've got more baby pictures. I know that's what you really want, not my random rambling. I plan to upload and post this weekend.

Friday, August 7, 2009

When it rains, it pours... literally

We've finally made it to the end of our my first week back at work. The work part has been easy. It's everything else that has refused to cooperate. Bear with me with this post. It will probably be long, but entertaining. At least I hope it's entertaining. Feel free to laugh with us.

Monday was a model day. Monday was trying to lull us into a sense of security and peace. Monday started on time at 6:00 am and even ended at a reasonable 10:30 pm. Monday did not prepare us for Tuesday.

Tuesday was a little bit more difficult day. Tuesday started earlier than Monday. Tuesday started at 5:45. While washing a load of diapers to bring back to daycare, the washing machine decided it had enough of our crap. After what sounded like a plane trying to take off during the spin cycle, it just crapped out on us. And yes, crap will be a recurring theme for this week. After a small debate about buying a new machine vs. having this one fixed, I made plans to call a repair guy. Tuesday did not prepare us for Wednesday.

Wednesday started earlier than Tuesday. At 5:15, I was greeted with a little fist in the face that screamed "feed me, momma!" Wednesday.... Wednesday.... ok, I'm drawing a blank on Wednesday. Oh yeah, the washing machine repair guy came out and said the motor is shot, we need a new one. That will be $300 and another day without a washer. For once, I'm actually caught up on laundry so this isn't a major issue. The rain started on Wednesday. There is no covered drop off and pick up at daycare, so I crossed my fingers that it would pass by 5:00. It did. Wednesday was a cruel one... making us think the tide was turning. As Wednesday ended, it was laughing at us, knowing what Thursday would bring.

Thursday started at 4:30 am. See, Wednesday is still laughing at us. You could hear the thunder and lightning, but it wasn't raining yet. On my way into work, they were listing places that were without power in town. Lovely. I got to school and it was raining, but they had power. It might not have been the best day to wear white pants, but I was. Wednesday is now clutching it's side it's laughing so hard. So much for picking out my clothes the night before.

After the drop off at daycare, I had to stop and get some breakfast. Believe it or not, even though I got up at 4:30, I didn't have a chance to eat. Thursday is the first day that I'm not at work at or before 8, but it's only by a few minutes. I pull into the parking lot and notice it looks unusually dark inside. Thursday snickers at me.

There is no power inside. We sit inside for an hour and a half with nothing. Finally, boss says to go home. Can't do anything with no power, no phones, no nothing. Oh wow! A free day! Things are looking up! Thursday is now chuckling out loud.

I take the free morning to run errands. I need a birthday gift for this weekend and I've been trying to paint my toenails since last week. So I head to get a pedicure. Yes, it's still raining, but what do I care? I'm getting a pedicure! I fell asleep in the chair. My day started at 4:30, remember? I'm sure the ladies made fun of me in Vietnamese. I don't care. Thursday is having trouble breathing it's laughing so hard.

So now it's noon on Thursday and I'm hungry. I pull into the drive-thru to grab a quick bite. Luckily the rain is stopping. I roll down my window and place my order. I try to roll up my window. Try being the key word. It doesn't go up. The button makes no noise. The other windows work. The drivers side doesn't. Thursday is about to pass out.

I pull over and make some calls. T finds the closest dealership and I start heading that way. He leaves work and is headed to pick me up. The rain not only stays away, the sun comes out. Thursday obviously needs a few minutes to catch its breath.

While waiting on T, he calls me and says daycare is trying to reach me. It's important but not an emergency? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I call right away and am told that Caroline has drank almost all the milk that I've brought for the day and is still hungry and it's only noon. This is actually not that big of a problem since I've got the free day. I say feed her whatever she's got left and we'll be there in an hour or so to pick her up. Thursday has no emotion. It doesn't take pleasure in an unhappy baby. I thank Thursday for that.

With the car safely deposited at the dealership, we head back to my office so I can check power and reset phones, etc. Since that was the only request my boss made of me, how could I say no? The power was not back on yet. It's 2 pm at this point. That's a long time without power. I make a few more calls. Apparently, lightning struck the sub-station. Thursday smiles with pride.

We get to school and T now has the opportunity to meet Caroline's teachers. They tell us about her morning - diarrhea, fever, lots of tears. We take our sad baby home. We feed her and rest for a little bit, until we hear/smell/feel the distinctness that is explosive poo. We manage to get it under control quickly with only minimal poo transference. Thursday wakes up from its nap and smiles.

Remember that crap theme I was talking about?

The dealership calls with the quote on the car. After he says the total, I ask him if that's in dollars or pesos. Apparently it's in dollars.... $500 of them to be exact. Thursday chuckles again feeling a little better about himself.

Thursday is starting to feel bad for us at this point and decides to give us a break. When the washing machine repairman shows up, it turns out we had loose wires. So our $300 repair became $75. Thank you, Thursday. We needed that.

About this time, Thursday decides it's time to pull out all the stops. T heads into the baby's room to change a diaper. I'm in the living room pumping and I hear a few cuss words followed by silence. A minute later I hear more cuss words followed by silence. A couple of minutes later, more cuss words (this time a longer string of them) and silence. After a while, T appears again with the baby. He looks quite exasperated. Thursday has fallen to the ground it's laughing so hard.

Apparently, after cleaning up the baby the first dirty diaper, T experienced his first bout with spraying poo. Thus the cuss words. So he cleaned everything up and was getting ready to put the new diaper on when he's hit with another round of spraying poo. More cuss words. He cleans. As he starts to put on the new diaper, he gets his final round of spraying poo. The long string of cuss words follow. He cleans some more.

After he emerges and is telling me the story, I start laughing. I start laughing so hard, I finally understand what Thursday has been laughing at all day. He says somewhere in the middle of it all, he wasn't cleaning - he was smearing. I gasp for air as I try to breath through the laughter. He starts to snicker because, really, how can you not? I'm laughing so hard, I spill the milk I'm pumping. Thursday stands up, takes a bow and says "thank you and goodnight!"

Thursday told Friday to take it easy on us. And for the most part, Friday has. But the day is only half over with. We'll see.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh the things you'll do

Today I did something I never thought I'd do.  I administered a suppository to my 7 week old.  I'll spare the details, because I'm sure everyone gets it.  But you should have been a fly on the wall.

The bathroom counter was sufficiently covered in towels, the top layer of which draped up onto my shoulders acting as some sort of shield.  My naked, crying daughter is lying on the counter with a stomach ache.

Nicole:  "The doctor said to cut them in half."

T: "Is it a pill or what?"

Nicole:  "I don't know.  Just open it and see."

T:  chuckles to himself and hands me this inch long little pellet looking thing.

Nicole:  "cut it in half"

T:  "It IS in half"

Nicole:  "oh dear.... so do I just push this in?"

T:  "I have NO idea!"

Nicole:  "oh dear.... ok.... here goes...."

So there we stand, looking at each other completely clueless.  We are only missing the hazmat suits in our preparations.  But the job was accomplished with RELATIVELY minor mess.  After a bath, Caroline settled in for a peaceful little nap.