Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tomorrow she'll want to borrow the car

My teeny, tiny baby isn't so teeny, tiny anymore. And of course, it's much harder on me than it is on her.

Last night, she spent her first night in her her room...way down the hall...all alone. She looks so tiny in her bed. But she was fine. We still got up for a bottle at 4:30, but maybe as we introduce solid foods in the next couple of weeks that will ease up. Or we could do like T said and just plan on getting up every day at that time. I am holding out that 4:30 is not my new wake-up time, but it very well could be.

I also got her a little chair that helps her as she learns to sit up on her own. She spent some time last night playing in her new chair - just enjoying the view from her new upright position.

Tomorrow I'm sure she'll be walking around and telling me how I'm unfair and not cool and other random "momma sucks" kind of things. Although I don't plan on letting her use the term "sucks". See? I'm so not cool.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random Round-Up

Today is random because my brain is fragmented from lack of sleep. Caroline is almost 100% after a bought with a cold. She only ran a tiny bit of low-grade fever once, but has been spewing snot since Sunday. I was a human snot rag for 2 days, but luckily we seem to be past that part.

She has slept the whole night the last 3 or 4 days, but woke up yesterday morning at 4:30 to eat and today at 5:15. There just isn't enough time to go back to sleep if she wakes up after 5, so I got to work really early today.

Today she looks like she was dressed by a blind monkey. She has a cute little striped dress that just now fits but might be too small come spring. So I put her in that today but it's a little too cool for just a dress. I added her leggings that are polka dots. To make sure you're keeping score, that's striped dress, polka dotted leggings and just plain socks (whew, right?). Well, while they are in the same color family, they are definitely not the same tone! Let's just say it worked in theory more than actually on. We had the time to change, but I didn't have the energy. Luckily she can't protest right now.

We bought new larger bottles since she is now eating more. I found them for a great price and had a coupon, so we bought 9 of them thinking it would allow us to wash less. Well, we had 9 bottles already. And each bottle has 5 pieces to it. Oh and we bought the next size nipple at the same time. So 18 bottles x 5 pieces + extra nipples = 102 bottle pieces and parts that I washed last night. I washed bottles for a solid hour. With them all lined up on the counter, it looks like a bottle factory in our kitchen.

And no, she doesn't eat 18 bottles a day. We have 4 smaller 4 oz bottles that are exclusively for daycare/diaper bag and those were dirty. We have 5 mid-size 5.5 oz bottles exclusively for home and those were dirty. Then we bought 9 of the new 8 oz bottles and they all had to be washed. So pile all of that in a sink and it FILLS IT UP TO THE TOP! T knows Slot Math. I know Bottle Math.

Plaxico Burress started his prison sentence this week for shooting himself. I read an article that says he hired a consultant to advise him on how to be productive while in prison. I think that is the root of the problem. Apparently he has no idea what to do off of the football field. Jason Whitlock's column today really summed it up for me.

"But Plaxico appeared to be pandering for sympathy by carrying his son into the courtroom. Do you really expose a child to that? It came across as a ploy to remind fans and the media that Plax isn't the only one getting hurt by the two-year sentence. I get that.

Well, maybe next time Plax should strap his young son to his waist wherever he goes rather than a pistol. I bet if his boy was in his arms, he'd find it less necessary to carry a concealed weapon. "

I had three month portraits made of Caroline to surprise T. It was the weekend Dad and Leslie were here, so they got in on the pics too. You can see and order them HERE. If you happen to be a grandparent of Caroline reading this, no need for you to order. Yours will be in the mail shortly.

Not really interested in talking about LSU football. I don't think there is anything to talk about. I have the same feeling from this team that I had from last year's, although I don't have pregnancy hormones coursing through me so I'm not firing off a string of expletives at the television that would make a sailor blush and throwing stuff across the room. I actually had to quit watching football last season after mid-October.

We may turn B into a sofa pillow. He keeps peeing in the kitchen. This from our dog that has NEVER done anything in the house from the moment he came inside. He was teetering on the edge after the baby and I think the Falcone's visit in July pushed him over the edge. He hasn't been the same since. I think we are going to put a bell on him so we know where he is at all time and to drive him crazy. Win/win, right?

T finally saw Caroline roll over last night. She was in a good mood yesterday evening (which isn't always the case). So we did a little playing on the floor and Daddy got to see her in action. She is starting to try and pull her knees under her and push off. She's not going anywhere, of course. At least for now!

A woman in Indonesia gave birth to a 19 lb, 24 in baby boy. Yowzers! Not sure when Caroline will be 19 lbs, but I can't even comprehend carrying a 19 lb baby. My 8 lb baby was tough to lug around the last couple of days.

Ok, that's enough randomness for today. My own head is spinning and I'm the one coming up with this stuff.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 2009

Pictures for September 2009 can be found HERE

Mystery Solved

Caroline had this cute little outfit that she wore one time and then I couldn't find it.  It was the first outfit that she wore after we were released from the hospital.  We put it on that Saturday to go back to the hospital for her tests.  And I hadn't seen it since then.  I've searched all over the house, through bags, etc.  Where could it be?

So let's go back over that day's events.  We got back from the hospital that morning.  I took a nap.  Mom had Caroline.  The Smith's arrived and then they had Caroline.  Then I couldn't breathe and everything is pretty much a blur from there.  Three days later I came home and didn't remember her wearing the outfit, much less where it went.

A month later I started missing it and started the search.  Two months pass, bringing us to now.  While loading up my car with a giant box, I found a plastic bag tied up in the back of my car.  What could it be?  I opened it to find the missing outfit, along with a blanket I didn't even remember having.  Yes, it was covered in 3 months of yuck from being in the back of my car.  And no, it won't fit because it was one of the outfits that actually fit her 3 months ago.  But at least now I have the first outfit she wore.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The End of Summer

Tomorrow marks the first day of Autumn, and with it comes much cooler weather to Oklahoma. As I type, a cold front is blowing through central Oklahoma (only flash flood watches, no tornadoes). We were at home sick today with a cold. Yes, by "we", I mean Caroline. She's doing ok despite how obviously horrible she feels.

But on Saturday, she was in the best mood. She was all talkative and giggly. So I decided to start the day with a mini photo shoot to model an outfit I'd been meaning to take a picture of all summer. Leslie bought her this little tank top and I made the matching bottoms. It's obviously a little small in these pictures, but it looked super cute back in July when we put it on the first time.

After we left her room, I decided to prop her up in the chair and take some more pictures. The second her butt hit the cushion, she spit up all over her shirt as evidenced in these pictures. But we were already sitting there, so I continued to snap away.

We changed her shirt into another shirt that Leslie gave her. Navarre has a matching one and we were never able to get them together in the shirts this summer. But I wanted to take her picture in it while it still fit. And the second I put her butt on the cushion, she spit up all over it too. But it's less noticeable.

Anyway, the third outfit was the charm - her LSU onesie and bib. In fact, her happiest place on the weekend is in front of the television watching ESPN GameDay and NFL Countdown, followed by the respective games.

She picked Washington, by the way.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Talented

Last night, Doodle and I were hanging out. She was enjoying the vibration of her bouncy seat. She reached up and pulled out her pacifier with her hand and then trying to put it back in her mouth, she wound up with her fist in her mouth. Very cute....
But tonight... tonight she mastered it. She is now able to pull her pacifier out of her mouth, wave it around and put it back in her own mouth. And it's quite cute to watch her do it.

Now it's time to put her to bed.... goodnight!

Friday, September 11, 2009

3 Months, with pictures this time

We had a check-up yesterday to check her weight since she's a skinny thing. She is now 11 lbs, 12.4 ozs and 25 inches long. She's in the 95th percentile on her height and the 25th percentile on her weight, but the doctor is very happy with her growth.

To all the people who insisted her hair would fall out, she's now developing a nice mullet. Her hair definitely goes down her neck into her shirt collar.

We've been lucky that she's slept through the night since she was about 3.5 weeks old. And by through the night, I mean 8+ hours. We do have a restless night every couple of weeks, but for the most part things are routine.

Her reflux seems to be under control. But we are currently fighting a runny nose. Her doctor didn't seem to be too concerned with it yesterday, so we'll continue to use the "booger patrol" much to her dislike.

She's started enjoying her bath, which is a nice change. Last weekend, she splashed a little and I encouraged it since she was somewhat happy. Last night, she had mastered the splash, much to my surprise. Mental note: put down a few pre-emptive towels and don't wear work clothes when bathing the baby.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 Months Old

Can you believe that Caroline is three months old today? It's hard for me to wrap my brain around it. Every time I pick her up from daycare, I feel like she's grown another foot. She can hold her head up and sit up with some assistance.

She talks to us and laughs at us when we change her diaper. Most times she's just staring at everything around her - trying to soak it all in. She gets real excited when she sees her pacifier and sucks on it so hard it goes flying out of her mouth. That's a fun game, let me tell you!

She's rolled over once and gets real frustrated when she's on her tummy and can't go anywhere. She's moving very quickly, but the only thing touching the ground is her belly.

And apparently, she's got a boyfriend at daycare. Yesterday when I went to pick her up, she was on the play mat resting on her pillow. Easton, a little boy several months older than her, was at her feet. He was playing with her legs and pulling at her socks. She was just watching him and smiling. When I picked her up, Easton crawled after us. Apparently, he really likes her.

That might also be where she got her current runny nose. His nose has run since we started daycare 5 weeks ago. Oh well, it was quite cute to see them interact together. After I told T, he said "An older boy, huh? Do I need to go have a talk with him?"

** There were supposed to be pictures on this post, but blogger is being stupid and the pictures won't load. I'll add them when it's working again. **

Friday, September 4, 2009