Sunday, January 31, 2010

B Dog

Given all the snow and icy weather we've had the last couple of days, I know you expected to see a picture of Caroline in her snowsuit.... or the 6 inches of snow we got.  And I have those pictures... but I'm making you wait for them.

Instead, I'm highlighting an often-missed member of our family.  B Dog came to us in December of 2006 and he's unbelievably hard to photograph.  He's so black and shiny that when the flash hits him, all you see is glare.  You can rarely see the features of his face.  And if by chance you can see he face, his eyes are whited out because they are so dark as well.

So with a fancy-schmancy camera and some awesome Photoshop skills (ok,well, mediocre Photoshop skills), I was able to take out the glare and the white eyeballs and you can finally see the dog that we see.  He may look intimidating in this picture, but I can assure you, he is the biggest wuss around.  You'd better worry about Caroline pooping on you more than him doing anything other than hiding under the table!!

But here is our "big goofy bas+@rd" (as T calls him).

And yes, I'm editing pictures of our dogs instead of cleaning the kitchen.... you gonna make something of it?

Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm still in a state of shock really.  The Saints?  Playing for the Super Bowl?  Are you kidding?  There is just no way in my lifetime I ever thought anything like that would happen.  Even with this great season, I just felt like the Aints would show up eventually.  Years and years of disappointment will do that to you.

Caroline didn't stay up to see the end of the game.  It was way past her bedtime.  But while she was still awake, I had to have a talk with her.  We were cheering and she was smiling and laughing.  I had to tell her this it was a a special night.  And although the Saints winning was all she's ever known, it's not how it used to be.

I told her that when her momma was little, the Saints were bad.... really bad.  In fact, they played better with replacement players during the strike of the 80's.  That was the first time her momma remembered them winning.  I told her that her momma remembered years and years of Joe Montana making the Saints look stupid twice a year.  And years when they looked like they were going to turn the corner and pull it together, the followed it up withe mediocrity (or worse).

Her momma remembered seemingly good quarterbacks coming to New Orleans (Jim Everett, Steve Walsh, et al) only to stink it up once they got here.  And when Drew Brees signed with New Orleans it made her momma think that his shoulder must really be screwed up if he was going to the Saints.

So I told her she needed to understand that no matter what happens in Miami, last night was truly a great night.  The Saints were going to the Super Bowl! 

But given the amount of snowfall South Louisiana has seen in the last two years, the Saints going to the Super Bowl doesn't seem so far-fetched.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

7 Months

Can you believe it?  The Doodle was 7 months old on Saturday.  She is now a whopping 19 lbs, 3 ozs and is 29 inches long.  She is also recovering from her bout with bronchitis.

I may have overreacted a bit when I posted earlier about it.  The doctor said that we caught it very early and she was only on antibiotics for 5 days, which we finished today.  She still has a little congestion, but the doctor said that is probably allergies.  If she still has that by Wednesday, I'm supposed to start her on Claritin.  But she's been laughing and smiling through the whole thing.

She is now eating a dinner meal every night.  I've been making her baby food, which I really love doing.  It's very easy and I like knowing exactly what's in the food.  She has liked everything we've given her so far, except rice cereal.  She likes green peas and LOVES applesauce.  I mix the applesauce in with some oatmeal and she can't get enough.  Tonight she had sweet potatoes and pears (separately, of course) and seemed to love them both.  In the next couple of weeks, we will be adding a breakfast meal.

She is also sitting up on her own now.  She is still wobbly and can't do it for very long at one time, but she gets longer and longer each time we practice.  On the downside, if I don't catch her when she wobbles, she falls over and does NOT like it when that happens.

When she sleeps, she is pulling her knees up underneath her and sticking her butt up in the air.  I know it's just a matter of time before she figures out how to do that while she's awake and starts motoring around the house.  She is sticking her tongue out ALL THE TIME now.  In fact, she routinely is trying to "talk" with her tongue sticking out of her mouth.

She loves to make the "motorboat" sound.  Last month, she just blew spit everywhere when she did it.  Now she is actually pretty good at it.  She also says "Da da" all the time.  We don't think she's referring to T just yet.  She usually strings it together like "da da da da da da da da."  I keep trying to get her to say "momma" but we aren't there yet.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I am, seriously, the worst mother ever!  Caroline has had a cough and drainage for the last month or so.  I finally brought her to the doctor today because she's been wheezing a bit.  Her cold isn't a cold.  It's BRONCHITIS! 

She hasn't run a fever or acted sick, so I didn't really worry too much about it.  But the poor thing has BRONCHITIS!  I feel so bad for letting it go this long.  I attributed her fussiness at times to being completely off a schedule during the holidays.  But obviously the poor thing is just sick!  She's been much happier the last 2 days, so hopefully being back into her routine is going to help her get well.

I can't believe my little, bitty, teeny, tiny baby has BRONCHITIS!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope this post finds everyone healthy and happy so far in this new year.  I keep adding an extra 0 in 2010.  Hopefully I'll stop doing that sometime soon... so everything isn't dated 20010.  I'd be just a tad off.

I cut my hair last week.  And I've waited until it was very dirty and a bit out of whack before I took pictures of it. Well, pictures other than my cell phone.  It's a bit too short for me right now, I think.  But it's ok.  It's just hair, right?  I was wanting a change... and it IS different.  I'll be forced to do something with my hair other than a pony tail for a while.  And that's probably not a bad thing.

I'm getting ready to take down our Christmas decorations when it occured to me that we don't have a family picture in front of our tree.  So I made us take one today.  T was aggravated, but they came out cute in the end. 

Tomorrow starts a busy time of year for me at work.  So time to get everything in gear.  Happy New Year!!