Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A state of disarray - Redux

Here is my second attempt at this post. This time from the beauty salon while my gray hair is disappearing.

This past weekend was our version of "This Old House" at Casa de Smith (aka Smithville). While our house isn't old, at 7 years (4 with us), it's just the time all those little things start to break (sooner if my family comes to visit).

Sidenote: the running joke in my family is that whenever someone in the family visits, something winds up broken.

We finally fixed the large, gaping hole in our dining room wall. It's been there since August 2008.

We may have had some visitors also in that summer and they may have damaged our doorbell. We finally replaced that.

We installed a programmable thermostat and added mulch and replaced plants in the flower beds.

Lastly, we had the carpets cleaned on Monday. That required moving everything from those rooms. Since we had to allow 24 hours to dry, we spent last night sitting on the sofa in the dining room listening to my iPod.

It was nice to sleep in my old bed in the guest room, even if my cuurent mattress was at the foot of the bed.

-- Post from somewhere other than my living room sofa.

Foiled by technology

I had a pretty good post about the current state of our house... even had pictures.  But I was posting from my phone.... and instead of publishing the post, it got lost somewhere in cyberspace.  And frankly, I didn't even want to think about typing out another blog post on my phone... So in turn, you get a post about technology (or lack there of)...

Yes, we both lose.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Important Events in Oklahoma History

April 22, 1889     Land Run    
Smiths not present

November 16, 1907    Statehood    
Smiths not present

1927     Route 66 Created    
Smiths not present

1930's     The Dust Bowl    
Smiths not present

1960's - 1970's   Oil Boom     
Smiths not present

1980's     Oil Bust    
Smiths not present

April 19, 1995   Murrah Federal Building Bombing    
Smiths not present

November 16, 2007     State Centennial Celebration  
Smiths present

April 22, 2010     Oklahoma City Thunder hosts franchises first playoff game AND WIN! 
Smiths present!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's a slow work day...

Actually, it's anything BUT a slow work day.... However, my new camera lens came in today, so I HAD to try it out... and I'm very excited about it.  Yes, I happen to have my camera here with me at work waiting for it's arrival. 

The new lens is a low depth of field, macro lens and I'm extremely excited about it.  I think if it can make my horrendous desk look interesting, then imagine what it can do for flowers!!

This last shot is a picture of a picture.  It's me and Leslie on her graduation day in May 2003.  Don't we look cute and young... and cute... I keep it on my desk to remind me what I used to look like.  HA!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who is reading this thing?

I added a new analytical tracking software to the blog about a week ago.  I had a very simple version before, but this new stuff is HIGH TECH.

And guess what I found out... this little site has an international readership.  I know... I know... You're thinking, "Nicole, your sister lives in another country.. of course it's international."  But that's not what I'm talking about.

So as it turns out... I've got readership in Rakvere, Estonia!

I know what you're thinking and no, I have no idea why either.  But let's just give a shout out to Estonia....

WHAT UP, RAKVERE!?!  (and Tartu... WHAT UP, TARTU!?!)

And no, I had no idea where it was either until I looked it up on Google Maps.

Estonia map.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Where were you 15 years ago today?

It was a beautiful spring day.  I was a freshman at LSU.  I met my friends at the Student Union for lunch.  We were joking and having a good time, not a care in the world.  These were before the days of cells phones and tv's everywhere.  We ate outside that day on the patio underneath the oak trees.

Julie asked me to go to her psychology class with her so we could continuing goofing off but she'd be counted as present.  No problem, right?

We got to her class and seated ourselves in the back so we could doodle and pass notes and be 18 years olds.  And then her teacher started talking about the tragic events of the day.  I started paying attention because I had no idea what she was talking about.

Apparently, a building in Oklahoma City had been bombed.  It was 1 pm.  I was 18.  I could not possibly comprehend the catastrophe that was unfolding.  Yes, it was sad to me, but I was too young and too far removed to understand the impact.

That day sitting at LSU, I could never imagined that 11 years later I'd move to Oklahoma, that I'd work a mile from the site of the bombing, that I would drive past the memorial every time I had to drop stuff off at the post office on my way home.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Beauty Shop

Yesterday I got to school to find The Doodle with a new hairstyle.

-- Post from somewhere other than my living room sofa.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


If you've been on one of my family's vacations to the beach, then you are familiar with "WAVE!"  If you haven't, then enjoy this little insight into why I am like I am.

My family likes a beach vacation, a Navarre Beach, FL vacation to be specific (yes, thus my niece's name).  And beach vacations mean time at the beach and in the water - the Gulf to be specific.

Now if you are floating around in the Gulf, then you're more than likely going to encounter a wave.  These aren't Hawaii North Shore kinds of waves, but waves that can catch you off guard if you aren't looking at them.

And if you're floating around in the Gulf with my family, you will more than likely have a drink in your hand.  If you are caught off-guard by a wave, you will ruin said drink because no drink needs the addition of saltwater in it.  So it's the job of the person facing the waves to yell, "WAVE!" when one is coming.

The proper response?  To stick your arm straight up into the air as high as you can reach without ever having to turn around and look and see what's coming.  Doesn't matter if it splashes over your head, your drink is safely at the end of your outstretched arm.

It becomes a reflex... "WAVE!" *stretches arm straight up into the air* 

I bring this up because Caroline is now waving.  And when I say "wave" to her, it's all I can think about.   But she is a long way from holding up drinks at Navarre Beach!

Monday, April 12, 2010

10 Months (and a couple of days)

Caroline was 10 months on Friday.  It was also picture day at school.  So I'm sure we'll have the pictures sometime before she's 12.  Hopefully.

You can't keep her still anymore.  She is all over the place.  She crawls after me when I leave her in the morning and makes a beeline for me when I pick her up.

She is starting to pull up and can get one leg up, but not the other.  We feel like it will be any day until she's up on her feet and, lordy mercy, walking.

She can clap and wave now.  She will only wave for strangers and after I've quit trying to get her to do it.  Although, she will clap all the time... it's quite cute.  I'm working on a video of it.

She is quite tempermental lately.  If you take something from her or do something she doesn't like, she let's out this howling cry like you wouldn't believe.  It's generally over in about 10 seconds.  But in that 10 seconds, her world is ending.

I can't even believe it's been 10 months.  Birthday party plans are in full swing.  Mark your calendars for her party - June 5th!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not Your Average Sunday

A typical Sunday in the Smith house involves breakfast at the Harrah Steakhouse and then some vegging at the house for the rest of the day.  We may do some laundry around 9 pm if we realize we don't have any clothes for work on Monday.

Well, today was different.  The Smiths took part in the 2010 Redbud Classic.  We walked 2 miles through Nichols Hills on a warm, but clear day.

When we got to the halfway point, T said he was proud of me for not stumbling, falling, or causing any stroller wrecks to that point.  You'll be happy to know that I made it to the end of the race in one piece, without even tripping.  We also weren't the last people to finish.

You never know, this may start some sort of healthy trend with us.  While we ponder that, I'm getting some ice cream.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Picture Day

Today is picture day at school. When I started thinking about her last picture day, I almost started crying. She was so small last time. And she couldn't sit up.

Today, she wasn't super interested in having a flash in her face this early but hopefully they will come out cute.

-- Post from somewhere other than my living room sofa.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Caroline's First Haircut

Caroline had her first haircut today. It was really about time. In fact, she's needed a haircut since before Christmas. I guess that's what happens when you're born with a headful of hair that you don't lose.

I finally bit the bullet and took her to my hair stylist. She sat still for the first few minutes until she got comfortable with everyone. And then she turned into Mega-Ham Supreme. It didn't help that she was looking into a big mirror. And there's nothing she loves more than looking at herself in the mirror.

I had a poll going on Facebook asking people advice on bangs vs. no bangs. I did NOT expect the number and passion of the responses. I found that mom's with girls responded an overwhelming, "NO BANGS!!!" And people with no kids or boys, said "Oh bangs would be so cute on her!"

My gut was telling me bangs would be so cute. Her hair hangs straight down.. stick straight down into her face. But everyone was so adamant against it. I should learn from their mistakes, right?

It's not like dealing with hair and hair maintenance is a new thing for us though. I've been battling hair since she was born. There was that 2 month period were all it did was stand up straight. That was fun. And in the end, she's my kid and I might as well do with her hair what I want while I can.

So instead of short, straight-across bangs, we went with a more long, side-swept version of them. This way she doesn't look like a shaggy sheep dog if she doesn't have a barrette or bow in her hair, but I can still pull it back if I want. We also cut off her wings on the side. When her hair was wet, the back sides went all the way down to her shoulder blades. That's just crazy!

Now she is sporting a cute bob with side-swept bangs. I'm ready for the NO BANGS crew backlash, but I think she looks darling.


So this post comes to you today from my cell phone. Not sure if this is a good feature or not!

-- Post from somewhere other than my living room sofa.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


There are a couple of things I've come to realize during my almost 10 months of motherhood.  One, holy crap I'm a mom!  That still throws me off a little.  I can now say "my daughter" and not fall out of my chair dead, but it still catches me off guard.

The other thing I've learned is that developmental milestones to me are bittersweet.  Stephanie told me once that each new stage with her son Mason is her favorite stage.  I definitely feel that.  But I also get a little sad to know that she's not my teeny, tiny baby anymore.

Now that Caroline is crawling, she is all over the place.  She is trying to pull up and can get one leg up.  She is really enjoying her independence and is thriving with her ability to get where she wants to.  I love seeing her so happy and engaged in the world around her.  But as we start planning her birthday party in ernest, I am saddened by how quickly this first year has gone.

Stephanie enrolled Mason in kindergarden today.  She was so sad to be transitioning from baby stages to kid stages.  I totally know how she feels.  I'm dreading Caroline's move to her next class and that won't come until later this summer.  I can't even fathom kindergarden.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Move

Yeah... so we're not moving.  It was a joke... April Fool's!!  But as Stephanie has pointed out, it loses a little something after April 1st!

I am, however, leaving it up for a while so everyone can have their own little freak-outs.  That and I don't have time to change it right now....

UPDATE:  If you didn't see it before I changed it, the header is below.