Tuesday, November 9, 2010

17 Months

The Doodle is 17 Months old today.  I don't have any idea on height and weight.  Maybe I should look into that.  She is becoming so much more kid like these days.  Her favorite things in the world are being outside, dogs/cows/birds, and saying "uh oh".  This kiddo LOVES to be outside.  She gets that from her Daddy... cause it's certainly not her Momma.

She could walk 10,000 miles in the yard alone, inspecting every blade of grass and bug along the way.  While we were in Benton this past month, she made it her personal goal to pick up all the acorns.  She managed to get that 6" square area cleaned up.

She still loves shoes and wants them on her feet at all times.  When you take her shirt off, she pats her stomach and grins.  She also likes to show her belly button.  If you're not careful, she may point out yours as well. 

She no longer likes her hair pulled back with a pony tail holder.  She will pull it out every single time.  She will accept a barrette or bow pulling it out of her face to the side, which is a nice change.  Her hair is past her shoulders in the back and getting thicker every day.  She's also developing a little curly wave in the back.

She loves to slap her knees and clap her hands.  She loves books and still enjoys playing in her giant box.  We are having a new refrigerator delivered here at work in the next couple of weeks and it might just be Christmas come early in the Smith house for her!

She has finally learned how to drink out of a straw, so now we don't have to carry a sippy cup with us everywhere we go.  That's nice!  And her asthma is improving.  The medicine we started almost a month ago has really made a difference.  Her allergies are acting up right now, but so are everyone else's - ours included.

If she had one Christmas wish, it would probably be for B to love on her and show her some attention.  I don't see that in the cards.  I don't think the dog has had a good track record with little ones with his previous families and he just doesn't want anything to do with her.  She'll live... Copper is always interested in being all over her.

She really is good and listens well.  She'll protest when she doesn't like something, but she'll still go along with it.  I don't expect that to last forever, but it's nice right now.  She was able to have lots of visits with the grandparents this past month, which she totally loved.  Apparently kids are born knowing how to work the grandparent system.

Check back to this post and I'll probably add more pictures this evening.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Old Friends, Young People

One of the great things about quick visits home (which we just recently had) is the ability to catch up with old friends in old haunts.  One of those old haunts for me is The Chimes.  I miss the atmosphere... the long waits for uncomfortable chairs and crappy service but excellent food (and beer).

My name is proudly mounted on the wall on a tiny brass plaque amongst thousands of other names.  May 1998, I finished drinking Around The World at The Chimes.  I even have the t-shirt to prove it.  My mom used to show off my name to her co-workers.  Hopefully the thrill of it has worn off by now. 

And on our recent trip home, I was able to celebrate my birthday at a place where I'd celebrated many birthdays.  Actually, that would be birthdays since I turned 21.  But since I don't look a day over 26, then apparently that's just a handful of birthdays and no big deal.  Alrighty.. end of post.

I kid... about the post... not about looking 26.  I have somehow managed to preserve the fountain of youth... if only I could keep my gray hair covered.  But that's another post for another time.


We had a great time on Saturday night.  Thanks to our friends for joining us... and for AutoCorrect on my cell phone... otherwise I might have had notes in my phone I could not understand.

Frinks in Nishville, anyone?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

There was no great postcard this year.  But the costume was just as fabulous... unfortunately, there's not a great picture of it either.  We may have to stage one this year, after the fact.  But in the meantime, here are a few pictures of our little monkey.

We originally going to Haunt the Zoo here in Oklahoma City.  However, plans changed and we had a quick Trick or Greet (no candy needed) in my old Halloween stomping grounds. 


We were the devil because we wouldn't let her run into the street.  And if not for the padded headpiece to her costume, she may have really regretted her trantrum in Mr. Alton's driveway.  But in the end, we had a good time.