Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Different Point of View

We moved here in May of 2006.  I don't think we'd been here a week when I came across a TV show about the horrible tornadoes of May 3, 1999 that directly hit the OKC metro.  We didn't have the house unpacked yet, so I was sitting in the middle of the floor watching in horror to find out that we had moved  to this new strange place in the middle of tornado season.

As time goes by and nothing serious happens, you get accustomed to life and forget the real threat.  You get annoyed by crazy weather people and warning maps and TV pre-emptions for stuff going on 4 hours from you.

But then you have a child and you're concerned for their safety.  And the crazy weather gets closer , closer and closer to your piece of the world.  You start to learn terms like "hook echo" and "weather aware."  You see devastation happen in Alabama & Missouri and the huge loss of life and begin to realize that being weather aware is a really good thing.  It saves lives.

You count your blessings for getting through another major weather event safely.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I know it's been too long.  And you've missed me incredibly, of course.  The last 5 months or so life has been on standstill and a whirlwind all at the same time.  But it's time to try and right the ship and get things back to as normal as our lives ever are (for the Smiths, I'm not sure that's a text book kind of normal).

A lot has happened since December.  T & I ran our Disney 5K.  Caroline got to experience Disney World for the first time and we got to watch her experience it, which was worth every penny.  We celebrated our 5th anniversary and T's 40th birthday all in the last 10 days.  Caroline is almost 2 and growing like a weed.

There are lots of update and lots of picturs... so stay tuned.  Our regularly scheduled programming is set to return.