Monday, October 28, 2013

Anything for the Kiddo!

(Just chillin waiting for our table at the restaurant on a regular Sunday)

Caroline loves costumes!  She loves to play dress up (no princess stuff though).  We have an assortment of costumes - mostly superheroes.  She has been extremely excited about Halloween and Trick or Treating (or Trick or Training as she says).  I even had to make her a countdown calendar so she'd stop asking me every day if it was time.

(the entrance at the end of the ridiculous line)

I thought we'd take her to the zoo for the "Haunt the Zoo" trick or treating experience as an extra special treat.  She's been doing really well in her Pre-K class.  She's done a good job of using her words to express her feelings, including telling me that she was "so excited for Halloween!"

(the ridiculous line)

"Haunt the Zoo" is open on weekends from 6:30 to 8:30, after the zoo is closed.  You just have to pay for the person receiving candy.  I thought it would give her another chance to go since she's so excited about Thursday.

(Waiting patiently while looking at all the other kids)

I wanted to leave the house at 6 so we could get there early and get in line.  I didn't know what kind of crowd it would be, but figured getting there early would be good for parking.  Saturday, the weather was kind of gross and rained off and on.  Sunday, the weather was beautiful.  Naturally, we went Sunday..... just like every other person in Oklahoma City.  We should have just gone in the rain.  Lesson learned.

(Momma, take a picture of that cute robot!)

We exit the interstate and approach the zoo at 6:20.  I say approach because we can't get close to it for the traffic jam going on of people trying to get into the zoo.  We park across the street from the zoo parking and walk towards the entrance.  At this point, T and I are both regretting ever bringing this up.  Caroline, on the other hand, is pumped!  She is having so much fun looking at all the other kids in costume.

(Darth Vader with Princess Ariel and Prince Eric)

We get to the end of the line which is approximately 3/4 of a mile from the entrance.  I'm not sure if I'm exaggerating or not.  If I am, it's not by much.  Also, the gates don't open until 6:30, so the line isn't moving.  Even after 6:30, the line is not moving.  The line doesn't start moving until at least 6:45.  Caroline doesn't care.  She's "a little bit excited."

(Ariel - with braces - and Darth Vader)

We finally get through the world's longest line and enter into the zoo.  But at this point, we are still in a line.  We stayed in a line through THE WHOLE THING.  Pictures the world's worst cattle-call-Disney-in-July-capacity-crowd-slow-moving line you can think of.... and this is it.  In the dark.  With over-amped kids and super immature adults.... and I repeat THROUGH THE WHOLE THING.

(Time to lose the mask and just take pictures at each place!)

It would open up in places but WHAT A MESS!  And yes, the all caps are totally justified.  After walking at least 2 miles, my knee was unhappy.  But there's no exit from this hellacious cattle call of death.  Just keep moving or you're going to get trampled by the grown man dressed as the Mad Hatter racing to get candy.

(Robot and Vader)

Each candy station is set up with a little scene for picture taking.  About half-way through, Caroline decided she wanted a picture at each one.... we only had our phones, so the pictures aren't top quality in the dark.  When we finally made it to the end, T and I cheered.  Caroline didn't even whine about it being over because she was so tired.

(The robot thought she wanted to battle.  She just wanted a picture.)
We took a couple of pictures with the Science Museum Robot and "Mike the Tiger."  She said "that robot was cool, Momma!" 

(Posing with "Mike the Tiger")
It was a late night last night.  We got home at 8:30.  Caroline was so tired she was delirious with the giggles.  But she did go to bed easily, so that's a plus.  I think it's just made her all the more excited for Thursday.  I'm not sure we'll do the zoo thing again next year. 

No caption needed.

Wait... who am I kidding?  If my kid wants to do it, I'm sure we will.

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