Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Operation Cover Up The Crap - Part 2

As you recall, I'm in the middle of Operation Cover Up the Crap.  And I'm on a slight holding pattern at the door stage.  What's the hold up, you ask? 
Oh... well... um.... knee surgery.  I had knee surgery a month ago and that's my problem.  Truthfully, I'm not 100% with the knee but it's not holding me back.  I've been stricken with DADD.  What's DADD?  That would be Decorating/DIY Attention Deficit Disorder.  My brain is all over the place and my limbs are tired.
But I did want to show you updates of the actual doors since I think they look really great.  Please ignore all the other crap in the garage (where I'm working).  We already have doors to cover up that crap.
What's left?  Sanding the wood filler and that is happening tonight.  I promise.  I really, really mean it this time.
Then after the sanding, I'll slap a coat of paint on there.  Considering all the flat surfaces and the relative small amount (even with the backs), I'm hoping that won't take too long.  I'll put the final coat on tomorrow and Thursday will be the hardware and hanging phase.
T will be in charge of the final phase since he took Thursday off.  And hopefully it will get finished before our guests roll into to town in the early afternoon.

The hinges arrived on Friday and the handles arrived last night.  They are seriously heavy duty and I'm quite impressed with the quality.  The pulls were just under $9 a piece.  Yes, that's expensive if you are outfitting a whole kitchen.  But for our 4 doors, it seemed like the right touch to really make the whole thing standout and more high end and less DIY.

And there is still the issue of adding the poly to the cabinet itself (and the doors), but I don't have any yet... so that may be a guest assisted project!  Who knows at this point?

At least the weather has cooled off quite a bit and working in the garage is comfortable.  That should make sanding better... but have I mentioned I hate sanding?  That's probably another big part of our holding pattern.

Oh well.. time to push through the plateau.  Wish me luck!!

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