Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Recap 2013

This was our first Halloween in the new house and I had no idea what the crowds would be like.  I had asked a neighbor and she didn't really know.  We do have a lot of kids in the neighborhood, but it's definitely not every house.

Halloween at the old house was more of a marathon.  The first kids arrived early and lines formed at our front door.  I'm not kidding... LINES FORMED.  In our rural town, there were only a handful of actual neighborhoods, so people BUSED their kids to other places.  And many of the adults addicted to many more powerful things than sugar also liked to join in.

In the past, I'd bought roughly 1000 pieces of candy, only to run out about 30 minutes BEFORE it all ended.  You literally could not drive down our street.  It was nuts.

Enter this year.  I bought three combo bags of chocolate candy.  Not cheap, but not nearly the dollar amount of what I've bought in the past.  T joked that we moved to the nice neighborhood and we've got the fancy chocolate candy now.  We took Caroline to Haunt the Zoo.  She'd had a big party at school, including a moon bounce earlier in the day.  I also took her to have pictures taken in her Halloween costume.  She has been so excited about Halloween that I had to make her a countdown calendar to color in pictures each day, so she knew how many days were left.  It's been a busy month!


Caroline waiting anxiously for it to get dark, trying really hard not to fall asleep.  But we finally got the text from her friend Owen next door that they were ready to head out.  So T and Caroline took off with them.  They were gone about 30 minutes and made the block.  When she got home, her bag was FULL of the good stuff - chocolate candy!  No cheap-o candy in this neighborhood!


However, everyone's favorite part of the night came next.  Caroline loves to give out candy!  So when the doorbell rang, she took off to hand it out herself.  But I warn you... don't show up to our house without a costume (she'll ask where it is), without saying "trick or treat" (she'll tell you to say it) or without saying "thank you" (she'll make you say it before you leave).  She's a stickler for the rules of social convention!

She loved seeing the costumes and interacting with the other kids.  She loved giving them handfuls of candy (we had tons leftover, so that's ok).  However, she was not impressed with the kid using a garbage bag for his candy.  She only gave him 1 piece and a very disappointed look.

I can hear the kids now.  "Get to that house on the corner early.  If the kid is handing out the candy, she's rough if you don't follow the rules!"

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