Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ice, Ice Baby....

....too cold... too cold!

Now that I've got that awesome song stuck in your head, I just wanted to chuckle about our weather.  It was 25 degrees this morning when I left my house.  It's not going to be above freezing until at least Wednesday.  Awesome.

Honestly, the cold weather doesn't bother me.  It's not the same kind of cold as Louisiana, where 40 degrees will chill you to the bone.  It's a dry cold here.  HA!  Unless it's snowing, of course... and the next 2 days will bring the white stuff, so I went ahead and put on a jacket. I may have to break out the gloves on Saturday if I decide to venture out.

But what really makes me smile is just thinking about Dad's reaction to this weather.  I can hear him now.  He'd tell me we are going to be "frozen solid!" and that we should just pack up and head to Baton Rouge right now.  "Y'all are going to freeze to death!"

It just makes me smile thinking about him watching our crazy weather.

There's been snow and/or ice ever year since we moved in 2006.  I repeat EVERY. YEAR.  So you'd think people who've lived here forever would be used to it and just deal.  Nope.  Just like when it rains, people have suddenly forgotten how to function.  Stores are swamped with people buying enough groceries to last through the next month.

Apparently the only people used to this winter weather are the South Louisiana transplants.  But Dad sure would be worried about us and making sure we had enough winter clothes for "the baby."  Side note: Caroline hasn't had a snow suit since Dad died, but she had one every year prior to that.  He was going to make sure that baby was warm!